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25-Jul-09: Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews, Setlist


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kseybold Incredible how Chris Martin can play the piano with his eyes closed. Coldplay = amazing




Not a live tweet but interesting nonetheless.


AllThingsEllie Many years ago I called Coldplay the poor man's Radiohead. Said they wouldn't make it. I was really really wrong with that one.

Do do you update all the tweets here during the live shows!? :stunned:

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Do do you update all the tweets here during the live shows!? :stunned:

Not really :P I don't post all the tweets, many are just repeats of the same thing. And I'm not always here when it's concert time in the US, the timezone difference means it's morning here and I could be asleep or out running errands and stuff.


The show's over now!


grass76 Ok, Coldplay are really really good, but they went on around 9 and are just about done. So the music is strong, but the length is weak...


RayeLynnD Coldplay's new stuff sounds great in huge venues - as in I'm thinking they designed it that way.


ben_cline Once again had my world rocked by coldplay! They get better everytime I see them!


cedric_31 Didnt think dave at alpine could be topped. Hats off to coldplay


michumba I never wanted that to end! Coldplay was fucking brilliant!! So amazing. I can't believe this. I'm so happy!

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Just home from the show. Fourth time seeing them on this tour and gotta say it was by far the best. Chris really said it a few times that Alpine was the best crowd of the entire tour so far. All of the coldplayers who had pit got into front row I believe. I know for sure Ang, Kell and my self. Pics and stuff tomorrow I am falling asleep at the keyboard!

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Dancey Jonny and Guy :dance: They must be having a good time :D


Was it a long commute back from the venue? It's been more than 3 hours since the show ended.



Getting out of the parking lot only took a half an hour for me but I had traffic all the way home. I'm sure it was about the same for Mike too.

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Getting out of the parking lot only took a half an hour for me but I had traffic all the way home. I'm sure it was about the same for Mike too.


We were parked in the "yellow" lot and it took us over an hour and a half to get out. We just got home. Pictures tomorrow. :dozey: AMAZING SHOW!!

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So I will have to say that this was the loudest, most enthusiastic crowd I have ever seen at any concert, not just Coldplay. I was in the pit far left right where the catwalk comes out. It seemed like everyone was singing and cheering to EVERY song. You could hear the roars behind you all night long. The boys were having a blast too. Kind of surprised this far into it that they are still able to enjoy it so much. A few mistakes were made, but that made it even more fun as Chris joked about it. During "The Hardest Part" it started to downpour and the people on the lawn started roaring, you could tell Chris wasn't quite sure what to do!


I also got a high five from Jonny right before the encore :-D.

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omg the show was excellent! It started to rain as Chris sang "I can feel it come down" in the Hardest Part. I thought that was ironic. You could see the beams of lights in the rain which made it look trippy. about halfway through the show the band left the stage and walked onto the lawn about 10 feet from where i was standing! Then they sang green eyes! Strawberry swing, Lovers in Japan, The scientist, and viva la vida were my favorite performances of the night. Overall a great show!!!!

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Coldplay energizes Alpine Valley crowd, vice versa


Before the encore to Coldplay's two-hour show at Alpine Valley on Saturday night, lead singer Chris Martin came out onstage with a clipboard and announced officiously that he was holding the results from the band's audience ranking. Of the 138 shows so far in Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" tour, the Alpine crowd ranked "in the top one."




Even if he tells that to all the other girls, Saturday night's show did buzz with an electricity that probably only comes a few times on a good tour. It spanned more than 20 songs, including an acoustic tribute to Michael Jackson with "Billie Jean." The band's presence onstage was loose and energetic. Martin skipped, rolled and bolted across the stage like a dancer, ending "In My Place" flat on the floor in a backbend (those yoga classes with Gwyneth are paying off).


He nailed Coldplay's trademark soaring melodies, but played with the lyrics as if he was goofing off in rehearsal and ad-libbed references to Alpine.


He self-effacingly excused any mistakes he made during the show: "If you had a 50-ft. screen of your head behind you, you'd be distracted, too. You'd feel like a bad Justin Timberlake impersonator."


Martin's colorful, futuristic Civil War hobo/soldier suit fit well with Coldplay's overall stage theme, which included spinning orbs above the stage, shots of confetti and several screens of gorgeous live footage edited with all the quick-fingers flashiness and creativity of a DJ mixing beats.


During "Yellow," dozens of large yellow balloons appeared like magic above the audience and bounced lanquidly -- less like beach balls and more like bubbles in a lava lamp. Just as quickly as they appeared, the crew made them disappear. (Somewhere in Coldplay's rider, there must be a stagehand position entitled "balloon wrangler.")


As the last chorus of "Yellow" lifted up over the crowd, Martin asked "the 34,000 of you" to join the four-member band for the song's last line, joking that only together would they equal the Dave Matthew's Band in number.


The sky had been moody all evening and finally burst into showers during the tour's namesake song, "Viva La Vida." A rustle spread across the hill of hoodies flipping up and blankets getting wrapped around shoulders. Far from being an annoyance, the rain brought the crowd together and matched the song's expansive melody and jagged, pumping beat.


As well as Coldplay's music is suited to big arenas like Alpine Valley, some of the best parts of the show came when the band ditched the electric instruments and played two acoustic sets in the lawn seats, one on each side of the hill. It was here that they performed "Billie Jean" in the style of a pub jug band, and led the entire crowd in a cell phone wave.


If anyone remembers Coldplay back when they were actually playing in pubs, it's the opening band, Elbow. Ten years ago in their native England, Elbow and Coldplay competed against each other in a music competition in Manchester.


"They went on to conquer the world," Elbow lead singer Guy Garvey told the crowd.


Musically Elbow and Coldplay share a love for swelling, dramatic anthems. But its their overall approach that explains why Elbow stayed in relative obscurity while Coldplay became a household name. Coldplay reaches out and invites in the listener. Elbow by comparison is demanding of the listener, ebbing in a meditative flow that looks inward instead of out. That makes their performance no less enjoyable, just less appropriate for a big arena.


British three-piece Kitty, Daisy and Lewis opened the show before Elbow, copping the front porch rockabilly and bluegrass of the 1950s pretty damn well. They even bled into a bit ska/reggae when a Jamaican trumpeter joined them with a funky solo. The trio inspired some dancing on the hill, as well as a rash of bad Huey Lewis jokes as people asked their friends, "What's the name again? Lewis what?"




They linked to Coldplaying :D

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Does anyone know if they might be around Chicago today? Prob not, but ya never know.



Woah, you were pretty close to you for that Viva La Vida part! I was in the lawn, but jumping up and down when they played Viva La Vida. It was great! Sounded awesome and the crowd was really into that one. I am so glad that I got to go to the show! I need my yearly Coldplay fix. I wasn't going to go, but in the end we got discounted tickets for lawn seats.


I totally forgot that they play 3 songs out in the crowd...now I get what 3 songs front row meant. Oh well! We got there later around 6:30. When we got in a lot of the lawn in front was already taken over. I think they have gotten even more popular, because the last time we were at Alpine, I think we arrived later and somehow were able to get 2nd row in the pit area. Looks like people were probably waiting to get in.


It was a great concert. I am glad I got to go again!


I loved when Chris played Hardest Part...it sounded really good. Despite the rain...his voice sounded really good and that is one of my favorite songs off of X & Y. Sounded great acoustic.


Green Eyes is always great...and Billy Jean sounded even better live yesterday than in a video that I saw online recently.


Chris seemed exhausted/tired at times...probably because of all the concerts they have performed. But he still put out a great show, didn't give up...and put all his heart & soul into it.


It was an awesome show. I loved all the songs! I wish the concert didn't end, but it always has to. :( :)

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Coldplay brings a personal touch to a crowded arena


East Troy — A rock show in an arena setting can be a depersonalizing experience only a few levels below that of taking off one's shoes before passing through an airport security checkpoint.


The beer costs too much in both cases.


Saturday night at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, Coldplay tried to re-personalize the experience.


The quartet drew more than 30,000 people, and its music had the grandeur-embracing sincerity of early U2.


Lead singer and pianist Chris Martin exhibited the characteristics of an intelligent frontman: a voice to make the heart swoon, energy to burn and self-deprecating charisma.


Guitarist Jon Buckland owed some of his serrated clarity to The Edge (U2's axman, natch), but he took it toward English countrysides ("Strawberry Swing") and funereal bleakness ("Cemeteries of London").


Drummer Will Champion provided a strong backing voice plus some extra charisma. With bassist Guy Berryman - who was, typically for that position, a nearly silent type - he nailed rhythms ranging from the modern syncopation of "Lost!" to the orchestral majesty of "Viva La Vida."


Those two songs, from the 2008 album also called "Viva La Vida," demonstrated Coldplay's expansion of its musical ambitions.


If an earlier song like "Clocks" was accessible for sheer drive and tunefulness, then a more recent number like "42" spread its accessibility across a massive shift from ruminative, fragile ballad to a rocker that brandished riffs like buzz-saws sparking off silver.


The show had plenty of big visual sparks to match the electricity of the music: Screens displayed kinetic, stylized transmissions of the performance, while during "Lovers in Japan," confetti actually shot out from the sides of the stage as if KISS had been consulted.


But even there, Coldplay paid attention to the fine details: Those pieces of confetti were shaped like leaves, and for a brisk version of the sweet hit "Yellow," assistants floated large yellow balloons into the crowd until the reserved section was a happy chaos of "follow the bouncing ball(s)."


Best of all, though, were those moments when Coldplay hiked to a pair of mini-stages - and they really were tiny - closer to the middle of the crowd.


Huddled together on those platforms like an indie-rock band in a dive bar, the members of Coldplay personalized not just the arena experience but also themselves.



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