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I have noticed that several people have tickets they want to either sell or trade. I thought it would be easier on people looking for tickets to have one single thread for all ticket postings than having to look through each individual thread. Ian OK'd it so here are the rules:


1. This thread is only for ticket listings. Please discuss the shows in their appropriate threads so this doesn't get bogged down.


2. Tickets sold here must be sold for costs or less. NO SCALPING! There are many sites out there if you want to do that sort of thing.


3. All questions and communications are to be done with seller using PMs, again to not clog the thread.


4. Please list all your tickets in a single post (edit that single post for any changes or when tickets are sold), your terms of sale (cash, check, paypal, etc), and price.


5. If you are looking to trade, list your available tickets and what show you wish to trade for.


6. Coldplaying.com is not responsible for any tickets sold. Ask questions and buy at your own risk. If a mod could sticky this it would be nice. :)

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My tickets for sale:


Birmingham 5-18-09 Section 204, Row C, Seat 23 (hard copy ticket) seating chart


Indianapolis 6-5-09 Section A, Row W, Seat 31 (hard copy ticket)SOLD!


Dallas 7-21-09 Section 200, Row EE, Seats 9 & 10 (ticket fast tickets) selling as a pair SOLD!


Dallas 7-21-09 Section 204, Row DD, Seat 27 (hard copy ticket)


Houston 7-22-09 Section 107, Row K, Seats 8 & 9 SOLD!


Tampa 8-9-09 Section 14, Row L, Seats 11,12,13 &14 SOLD!


All tickets are in hand and can be shipped immediately. All tickets listed are $100 each, I will eat most of the Ticketbastard/Live Nation service charge fees. Shipping is by standard mail, unless you wish to pay for express overnight shipping. Paypal or money orders accepted.

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Okay, I'll jump in too. Great idea!


My tickets for sale are listed below in white type. All tickets in hand. I'll throw in USPS Priority Mail shipping for free. Selling for face value only--don't worry about all the convenience fees. PayPal preferred but I'll take money orders and checks too (checks will have to clear first obviously).

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Yes! Thanks for setting this thread up. :)


I can no longer go to the Maryland Heights (St Louis) MO show on July 24. :(


Selling for the cost they were during the presale. $260 for both--they're together. Upper Left Center section, row FF, seats 47 and 49. (seats odd numbered on left--there is no seat 48)


I was going to put them on eBay today but since this thread exists now, I'll wait until next Saturday. I'd prefer if someone on Coldplaying could get them. :D

6/24/09 Maryland Heights, IN (Upper Left Center-FF-47+49) (ticket fast tickets) -- $260


The seats are:



Edit: Now I'm starting to worry these won't sell and I'll have to find a way to get there. >.> Which could be good or bad. I haven't figured that out yet. Eeeeeek!!

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05/15 West Palm Beach, FL - Cruzan Amphitheatre:

2 tickets available on Section 7, Row T.


$260 for both (I'm willing to negotiate).


Check/Money Order or Alertpay/Paypal accepted.


Hard type tickets, in hand and ready to ship.


Great seats, they're considered premium seating according to LiveNation.


PM if interested.





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I have a single for the show in Pittsburgh at Post-Gazette Pavilion on May 30 in Section 8 Row H (4 rows back from the front of the section I believe).


Since Live Nation still has a lot of good seats open for this show and it's a single next to five of my friends, I'm definitely ready to take a hit haha. So make any reasonable offer and it's probably yours.

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Good idea :D


I kept getting bogged down with trade threads and not sure which show thread to put them in.


I'll also accept multiple postings, eg if you are selling a ticket for a particular show, you can post here & in the thread for that show to maximise the chance of people seeing your sale.

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Tickets For Sale


3 tickets FOR SALE for Atlanta, GA 5/17/09. They are very good seats. Section 205, Row JJ.


2 tickets FOR SALE for Charlotte, NC. 4 sets available (I know, I kept upgrading). Section 6 (2 sets), Section 7, Section 9.


Please PM me. I am asking for face value for each. The only set that wasn't $97.50 each is Section 9 in Charlotte. I'd like all the stupid convenience fees as well, but am willing to negotiate. Just ask.

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For Sale: 2 PIT tickets to Hartford at the Meadows. These are e-tickets, $270 for the pair, face value of course. Paypal is preferable.

I got them as a surprise for my wife, but we can't use them anymore.

I just joined the forum to avoid selling them on Craigslist.

If interested, please contact me : [email protected]


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hey guys i'm selling my tickets for this show.. they are Section 205 row D seats 27-28.





i'm selling them for as much as i paid no extra cost... so 250 dollars. and i will put them up on ebay so if anyone is interested just tell me and i will put them up and you can buy them. free shipping also! i am also willing to lower the price a bit. willing to lower to 230 maybe even lower. please i need to sell these or my parents will kill me!




only a couple of days left!

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One Section 102 Ticket for Sale


One aisle ticket to Houston Woodlands Pavilion show on July 22nd, 2009.


Section 102, Row EE, Seat 49 (Right-side Aisle Seat)



I am selling it for face value + fees, but might be willing to barter it lower, ha. PM me if interested. Thanks :D



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