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Coldplay penned "Lukas", "Fun" and "Want" on Natalie Imbruglia album [UPDATE 8th Aug 2010: Album fl


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From NME.com:


Natalie Imbruglia has announced details of her forthcoming new studio album, which features three co-writes with Coldplay.


The album, entitled 'Come To Life', will be released on October 5. It will be preceded by a single, 'Want', on September 28. The single is a Coldplay co-write, as are album tracks 'Lukas' and 'Fun'.


'Lukas' was produced by Brian Eno, with Blur and Elbow collaborator Ben Hillier helming the remaining songs.


Imbruglia will play a gig at the London Luminaire venue on August 12 – which has sold out.



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Guest kmm1482

We FINALLY get to hear Lukas!!! A proper studio version of 'Bucket for a Crown' would make me happy in my pants

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Well, let's not get carried away, Lukas is the only song that's been 'officially' written by Coldplay and they have tried their version of the song (which is documented in an interview with a supporting act I think earlier in the year). Two more songs are great but I wonder whether those two have been recorded by Coldplay.

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^ True, "co-written" doesn't necessarily mean it's their recording. Still, let's keep our fingers crossed. :)


So we have now solved the mysteries of Lhuna, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, and Lukas. Just waiting on Famous O...fine, I won't venture into that territory.

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