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Secret Santa 2011. Don't forget to send your card!!


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With all this came what seems to be known as Christmas Pudding, which looks sort of odd to me (no offense :lol:)


You'll probably think it tasts odd too, but it's what we all have for dessert on Christmas Day so I thought I'd let you try it :P


Merry Christmas :elf:

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Sent mine out today, it is officially on it's way across the pond to an undisclosed place in Europe! :D I decided to send it with slightly expedited delivery (slightly more expensive :anxious: ) to make sure it gets there in plenty of time (of course, that's my fault for waiting so long :tongue: ).

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Nothing yet. 3 years of doing this and I've yet to receive something, so I'm hoping this year will be different. :P


Last year i eventually received a late card .... from my own Santa ! I didn't receive one from the Santa that I had to send me one. I don't know who she was though. This year, nothing so far. Let's wait.

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I'll just say again that mail always takes longer at this time of year, so if a letter normally takes a week, you can expect it to take a fortnight right now.


On top of that, there ate the delays to all incoming mail being sent to the states. Please be patient, guys, and if you haven't sent your card already, get it sent! I've had a few PMs from people saying "I just need to get something to put in it" Trust me, your match would rather receive a card for Christmas than wait for something extra in the New Year!


If you have a genuine reason to not be able to send your card, let me or Lore know and we can arrange a substitute



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