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Least favourite song from each album?

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Parachutes the song <i guess>

Warning Sign <can't STAND that chorus ugh>

Swallowed by the Sea


UFO/POC <i refuse to choose between which i like less, the non-exsistant mumbly nothingness of UFO or the electropop schlock of POC>

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We never change -

A Whisper

Twisted Logic

Lost + (I don't understand the fascination with Jay-Z, he's not that good of an artist/musician... oh well).

Nothing off Viva

Nothing off Mylo

Nothing of Ghost Stories


Truly this last trilogy of albums has been outstanding - can't wait to hear what's next - I hope these guys keep going as long as possible.

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Parachutes: Well, Parachutes are my least favorite album... I would choose High Speed

AROBTTH: It' my fav album, but Daylight and A Whisper I just don't like

X&Y: Twisted Logic

Viva: Yes!, but without Chinese Sleep Chant

MX: Maroj Minus, nice song, but not my cup of tee

GS: the album is a breat of a fresh air, but Oceans I don't like. I liked more live version


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Changing my answers a bit...


Parachutes: Parachutes ( still love it, only picking it because it's length makes it an easier answer I suppose)

AROBTTH: Daylight

X&Y: Twisted Logic ( the only Coldplay song I don't love)

Viva: none, this album is a masterpiece

Mylo: UFO

GS: All Your Friends


Still love them all though, except for Twisted Logic. I tend to skip that one sometimes

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Parachutes: We Never Change

A Rush of Blood To the Head: Warning Sign

X&Y: Low

Viva La Vida: Life In Technicolor (This one was bloody hard, LITii is a better song so I decided for this one)

Mylo Xyloto: Princess of China

Ghost Stories: A Sky Full of Stars

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Parachutes: Parachutes

A Rush of Blood to the Head: A Whisper

X&Y: X&Y

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends: 42

Mylo Xyloto: Up With The Birds

Ghost Stories: O (Reprise)

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Parachutes: Don't Panic (I have such a harsh disdain for this song and I don't know why lol)

A Rush of Blood to the Head: Daylight

X&Y: A Message

Viva la Vida: I don't have a least favourite, I love them all, which is weird to me hahaha

Mylo Xyloto: Us Against The World

Ghost Stories: Once again I can't choose. Maybe O (Reprise) on the deluxe? Idk I really can't pick.

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I don't hate any like the others, just my least favourite.


Parachutes: High Speed

AROBTTH: A Whisper

X & Y: What If (I rarely listen to this album :\ )

VLV: Yes

MX: Don't Let It Break Your Heart (Or, A Hopeful Transmission. But that would be cheating, right?)

Ghost Stories: Another's Arms

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A Whisper

Twisted Logic

Yes/Chinese Sleep Chant

Up in Flames

True Love - but this is the first CP album that I can easily listen to all the way through without wanting to skip any songs.

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Parachutes : We Never Change (just meh)


Rush of Blood : God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (I've always liked the live versions a hell of a lot but the album version just doesn't do it for me.)


X&Y : What If (this was hard, but I feel this song just isn't as good as the rest)


Viva : Life In Technicolor (this was incredibly difficult, but they shoulda had II on there instead)


MX : Princess of China (they shoulda made a "Princess of China-" without Rihanna)


Ghost Stories : A Sky Full of Stars (it's fun, just unoriginal and uninspired)

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