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[1-Jul-2014] Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

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I know this is " in the round" but I was wondering does the stage revolve? Otherwise you could be spending £94 to look at the back of chris' head depending on where you get seats


Don't worry, I'm quite sure he will not spend the whole show facing the same direction.

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anyone nervous about tomorrow and getting these tickets?


Very very nervous! Get ready for tomorrow guys, get up early and make sure your internet works properly :)

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I know plenty of people keep saying this but IF I don't get a ticket tomorrow and someone has a spare, please consider me to buy it off you. I am good company (honest) and will buy your drinks all night lol.

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Yes I feel a little bit nervous, yes I feel nervous and I cannot relax!


Sorry. Had to be done :D!


(In relation to the scalpers)


How come they're out to get them? (The tickets)

How come they're out when they don't want to go?

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This love song is dedicated to my beloved tickets. It's called "Buy you"


When I'll try my best and I will succeed.

When I'll get what I want, yes that's what I neeeed

When I feel so tired cause I'm too f** nervous to sleeeeeepp


Yes I will try, to buy youuuuuu.

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The sell is just a few hours away and i'm still not sure if i should try to get tix or not.

Would be tix+flight from germany and hotel. The trip would probably cost me about 400€. :thinking:


I wanna see them but 400€ is a hell lot of money, on the other hand is the fear that there won't be a tour before 2015 or even late 2015. Thats a loooong time…


And of course the venue, Royal Albert Hall is one of the best venues you can see them play in.

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I have an exam so my mum has offered to try to get tickets for me. How should I instruct her in order to have the best chance of getting tickets?


Do what I'm doing with my dad: force feed her coffee from 7:00 onwards and superglue her to the pc chair. Go through some reaction tests here to make sure she's up to standard: http://aim400kg.ru/train/?a=ea


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