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Hypnotised - first song off Kaleidoscope

I ran away

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I think the song's good, but I don't like the bell-like sound from the intro that loops through the song.

Same, reminds me of these cheesy 80s songs (or was it the 90s?).


I like the last third of the song. What is it with Coldplay's recent songs and them only getting good at their last thirds!? Before that the song just idles and doesn't really pick up.


Also, the lyrics are bordering on cringeness quite often, I mean:


"I'm hyp"






Anyways, I get what Chris is trying to sing about, I mean, hell he can sing about whatever he freaking likes.

But, maybe, he should uhm, try to broaden his lyrical repertoire a little. The lyrics sound very wooden and jolty at times.

Nonetheless! The melody is great, very dramatic. The instrumental gets good later into the song. I can enjoy it when I'm not listening to the lyrics too closely... so not too bad I guess lol.

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i've been looping this song since i woke up and that the first time i've done that since ghost story :) good song. wish chris worked on the chorus a bit more. "i'm hyp.. hypnotised..." but for the most part, it is sunrise all right, after the dark something just like this.

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Yeah, that "Now I'm hyp, hypnotised" part sounds awkward, cause it sounds like "Now I'm hip" :D

"Now I'm here, hypnotized" would have been the better option imho.

Other than that, I think this song is among his better lyrical works of recent times, though :)

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It's ok, I just can't get over the twangy country guitars in the background.. If it wasn't for that I'd love it cause in the beginning I heard it being almost Sigur Ros-like, but then those guitars came in and changed the feel entirely..

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This is a surprise release certainly...

What I really like about this song, is that the whole atmosphere of the song is reflecting and supporting the lyrics perfectly.

The beauty of this song relies on the good production and mix, which you can enjoy only on a good audio system.

The progression of the song and instruments coming in throughout the song is really really good. I liked each element of this song and in live performance it may sound even more pure.


In conclusion, it's a beautiful song, produced perfectly. It won't be a hit and it isn't the goal for this song, but certainly it's one of the nicest Coldplay songs, showing the real depth of Coldplay again.

It might be the most progressive song from Coldplay and I have always been waiting them to write more long and progressive songs.

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