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Everyday Life - Live in Jordan on YouTube 22 Nov

Captain Crieff

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they literally just went into a screen and they like teleported somewhere else from being in the piano from like nowhere so its def not live in the truest sense of the word

I really think it is. There have been a couple of cases of an instrument being noticeably loud and then turned down straight away. They would have fixed that in the mix if this wasn't live. The screen thing was just one song recorded yesterday (I'd imagine), I'm pretty sure the rest is live

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Chris voice is not the best today really.

Yeah... Champion of the world was a little rough :joy:


I agree with others that it does have a more produced feel than a true live performance but still enjoyable.


I hope they are still going to play Viva/Sparks?

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You do have a point with the leveling being awkward at times and maybe that reveals that it is in fact live, you'd think they'd have some kinda broadcast delay to fix those things but oh well


I just think it looks too cinematic to be truly like livestreamed ya know

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