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Have you ever met anyone from Coldplaying/The net?

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Yep I watched them on TV the other night when they played Espoynol ... the winning streak is very impressive...


I also saw that Rain ... damm it looked heavy


Yeah, it is impressive... but also a bit boring, don't u think?

Bah, I don't care football anyways...


It's sunny here, and warm weather. Wanna come? :P

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Banoni is back? :stunned:


Where have you been!!!!!!!!!!! :bigcry: haha i so have to mail you one of these days sis :kiss:


REEEEEEEEEEEEEEENITO!! So glad to see you around! :kiss:

Officially back? Huuuum, not sure... I was just having a look. My PC crashed so I only can use the one at work, but the bosses are always around...

But heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, it's nice coming here sometimes! :D :D


NONITA!!!!!!! i'm so happy to see ya too hun! havent been here for a while but hey, i'll make sure to keep in contact with you , you still gotta tell me all baout your batman :sneaky:


and just to answer the question, nope i havent met anyone..i might meet this italian girl from the muse board if i go to italy next year to go to a gig but i guess it'll be weird at first or maybe not haha who knows?

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I remember that Carla! We were going to meet in Toronto (Me included as I was going to Toronto that summer, and nobody minded the week I picked)


It ended up not working, people just didnt want to bother anymore. Vin was a bit mad at me I think, cant remember.

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I've met ea lot of people from the net. (Even one who's a member here :lipsrsealed2: ) The best is when some from a music board decides to visit the same concert. Hey, you should do that here, big Coldplay gig somewhere! :D

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If it was up to me... everyone on here would have a great big party... all coldplayers ...... that post on this forum ....


I have met 2 people on this board, and they have both become life long friends... too

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not from coldplaying ... but it would be fantastic to have a great party with everyone .... lol and have their coldplaying names attached to them on a big sticker so you know who everyone is! ... wow that would be good!! ...


i did meet a very special person to me off the internet though .... i went out with her but unfortunately things didn't work out because she doesn't live near but it was really good and we see each other occasionally and shes lovely ... hopefully we'll stay in touch forever ...... :D

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I met Miro while being in Croatia.


On my way there, I could have met you, Nina... but I didn't know exactly where you were...


And I could've met Nicko, but I missed the exit to go to the city where he was on holidays. What a shame:embarassed:


Oh, I could've met Vildana, but she was a bit too far... Sarajevo was 5 hours far from Split...


But next year... there might be a possibility to meet these nice persons :nice:

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Mike, I would be on the way to Nicko, I guess. he went to Pordenone, right? then you could pick me up and we could both go there :D of course if you took the exit that goes through my valley. :)


oh right, i need to have a Balkan tour sooner or later.

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