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I just wanted to say, after 5 years of being part of the Coldplay fandom, first on Coldplaying, now on Coldplaying, Twitter and other platforms, a wonderful thing happened today: Coldplay followed me

Today exactly 5 years ago, I joined the Coldplaying community and I don't regret that that. To be honest, it's probably one of the best things that have happened in my life! I had never thought I woul

On this day exactly 5 years ago, a young and innocent person who was just getting really into Coldplay wanted to sign up on a forum called Coldplaying. Faced with the question of what to pick as a use

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ahh, here we are. this is one of my more favourite posts that I made because of its shocking accuracy




to sum, i correctly predicted the timing of the release of AHFOD within a month. I also theorized that eras generally last 3 years (1 or 2 years for touring, the rest for studio recording). From that, I did some math and averaging of numbers and settled on 16 months between the last tour date to the next album release.


The last tour date appears to be mid nov, and im not sure if thats set in stone. seems a bit weird to have come off the NA leg to the Latin America leg of only 5 shows in 3 cities...However, if you count the 16 months from that, you're looking at Spring 2019.

Bumperoo, the new data from this era bumps the average from a 16 month wait to an 18 month wait. 18 months from November 2017 points to a late Spring, early Summer 2019 LP8 release. Would be nice to see them do some festivals then!

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Yeah, but then they have to log on to get into the Multimedia section.

yeah, im sure they're figuring out that now; that you need to sign up in order to access MM.

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...ive been a fan for some time, but I didn't know a non-storytellers version of In The Sun existed.


OMG thanks! I have loved Grey's since season 2 but didn't recall this!


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