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Coldplay on American Idol! (itunes commercial)


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that was one of the most gorgeous things EVER. i was standing there washing the dishes wish IA on in the backround, then i heard viva la vida playing so then i pretty much stood there with my mouth open during the whole commercial! GUYS this is SO exciting! it's been a long 2 years!

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I was in the midst of an intense conversation with my boyfriend with AI playing on the TV behind where I was standing. When I heard Chris' voice, I whipped around so fast that I thought I was going to get whiplash.


I got a wicked case of the goosebumps seeing and hearing that commercial. It's official...I'm obsessed.

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Oh gawd I thought you were gonna say they were playing on American Idol ..that would've been very sad


but an iTunes comercial is still pretty sad... ANY comercial is still pretty sad


mmmm.... I remember the days when I used to say "I love Coldplay!" and people would be like "Who???"

now they say "oh yea that band in the MTV comercial where they were playing a concert and there was only one person in the audience"


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