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Princess of China

The Champion

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Hm, I still don't know.

Do you think the clip in the background can give us some kind of...direction?

I was able to read "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" which is pretty obvious, but also "Golden Arrow" and "UFO". What do you think about that?

Also there was a something with roses which I believe might have a connection with "Us Against The World"

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I like the music a lot, but cannot make out most any lyrics.


Side-note: remember the video CP posted to their Ping page with Chris and Guy playing a xylophone? Could that possibly be used in Princess of China?

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Thx for uploading the cleaner version. I really like this song! On par with other new tracks like Charlie brown and major minor. Really digging this new very upbeat funky new sound. I'm so happy they are not replicating any of the previous albums, so each LP is like an unique diamond to be appreciated in its own right

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