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Limited edition pop-up Album cost?


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Does anyone remember how much that trilogy box set of coldplay's cost? With Parachutes, AROBTTH and X&Y. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Maybe with that cost in mind we can assume what the limited edition of this album will cost.


I think it was like $40.


But the box will be more than that, trust me.

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I can see this being 70-100 easy. Probably closer to 100.

I bought an Oasis Box Set with the album on vinyl a booklet, Bonus CD with aditional tracks, The album on CD and a DVD and it was $99/50Pound...not including shipping


U2 have an album box set that just came out for for $655.



Anyone saying $30 that is not possible. I have a huge vinyl collection and a 2LP vinyl alone is about $30 after tax.


$100 isn't bad depending on what you get. Im going to wait till I hear more.

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