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Limited edition pop-up Album cost?


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Limited editions of things like this usually aren't sold in stores because there aren't enough to stock so many retailers. I think it's fair to say that it'll be online only, possibly turning up in one or two nice record stores in cities like NYC and London.


My guess is around $75 USD, maybe as much as $90. New vinyl records themselves usually cost around $25-30 alone, PLUS this will have a CD and a very nice book. Pop-up things are much more delicate and hard to produce, so I think you can wager that the book alone would cost $30+ in itself if it were to be sold separately. I'm unclear as to whether the "exclusive content" mentioned will be part of the book or put into the package separately.


Previous limited-edition things like this that I've bought or considered buying from other artists (Radiohead, Julian Casablancas etc) have cost around $80, and I think this will be about the same. Just because it sounds like it comes from the band's own brain doesn't mean EMI will let them market it for whatever they want--they're going to want to make a profit off of it considering they're hurting and it's uncertain whether or not they'll have the Coldplay cash cow in the future to keep them afloat. It would be lovely if they could get a compromise price down to about $50, but I have a feeling it'll be more like $70-80.


Oh it comes with all that shit? thought it was just a fancy cover. :|


Then I'd say ~$50

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I've seen other limited edition albums with a whole bunch of things added on - they easily come to $100 plus if not more - case in point - Maroon 5's last album, Lady Gaga's last album - were $130 - I'm thinking Coldplay's will be at least $100 easy if EMI is involved, and if they're comparing market forces for other bands - Coldplay is one of the biggest bands out there in the world today so expect the price to be up there accordingly esp with the cost of the pop up book being high already as a previous poster had mentioned.


Can't wait for it, though, will be ordering it as soon as possible.

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^Oh wow, I guess I haven't bought a limited edition box set thing in awhile. ~$130? I guess someone like Gaga could get away with that. My worry is that Coldplay can too, but I guess my thought is that the band will probably want to keep prices low and EMI will want to keep prices high, so they'll meet somewhere in the middle (meaning more than $50 but less than $100).


Because I'm a sadsack, I'll buy it no matter what. I missed out on a limited edition deluxe set like this from one of my favorite artists in the past few years, and now it's my life's mission to find one on eBay etc, so I don't want to repeat that experience :P

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Remember, it's EMI making $$$ from the releases. Bands primarily make payday touring. It will not be cheap (aka $30 us). An LTD vinyl is $35+. Factor in the other crap and the "limited" label? Anyone thinking this'll be cheap is nuts.

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Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns: 99$




My Chemical Romance - Danger Days: 69$


This is a good way of representing what you get for the price. I've got some more to help people figure out how much we might be looking at.





In 2007, this cost $80 and Radiohead could charge whatever they wanted for it, basically. Now it's $150+ on eBay, so there are the perils of waiting for something like this if you really want it.



This cost about $50 this year, but you get quite a bit less than the previous box set.



This one was about $90 in 2009, I think, and actually impossible to find anywhere to buy now (:bigcry:), but I saw it once for $300. The book is probably the most expensive part--other than that, it's 2 CDs, a DVD, a vinyl record, a poster, and a pin. In terms of what you get in the set, I think this seems the most comparable to what MX is going to look like--CD, record, very nice book, maybe one or two other small things.



$135, this year. Ouch.




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My bad, I forgot that the Vinyl is included in the package, along with everything else. Probably 65-75 US then.


I didn't mean to sound like a simpleton saying it was from Coldplay's "brain". What I meant was that this is not your traditional bullshit bundle dropped by half of the artists today. Think U2, who throw in things simply so they can jack the price even though most of it would be worthless to anyone but their top 100 fans.


This bundle Coldplay is putting out is hardly full of trivial goodies. It's got the book, the cd, the Vinyl, and the few other things, like the notebooks and what will probably just be larger versions of whatever the album's slipout booklet pictures are.


My point was only that these things weren't just drawn up by somebody in corporate to pull in more cash.


Let's just hope everyone on this forum doesn't flip out when the price info is released, as they complain about "having to buy" everything.

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