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The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

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I like it and I bet it's gonna be a grower for a lot of people - well, for the people who don't just hear the synthy "ma-ma-ma-ma-madness" backbeat and instantly dismiss it as shit at least. :rolleyes: There's some really sweet meaningful lyrics and some great vocals from Matt when you see past that.

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My first impression was that I liked the beat a lot but that Matt's voice doesn't fit at all. Esp. the way he's singing and breathing.

And the Queen + Para-Para-Paradise similarities of course.


But it's instantly stuck in your head and yes, it's a grower!

I also like the lyrics like some of you have pointed out already.


To the expensive box set stuff: I don't see the point in buying those.

The album (ok, and the DVD) are enough!



Looking forward to what the fans will make of it in the LOLZ thread!!

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The first three songs we've heard are nowhere near as bad as people are making out.


They're just not as good as in the past; but how many lead singles have been that great?

Uno's alright.

Plug In Baby I'm truly alone in hating.

Time Is Running Out is naff.

Supermassive Black Hole's alright.

Uprising is alright.


Survival is alright. Unsustainable's alright. Madness is alright. It's all just average thus far.

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If I buy it from the official Muse store, will it help towards its chart position in the UK singles chart? I wanna buy it but only if it helps it chart. lol


I think it's probably their best "lead single" since Plug in Baby


Buy it to support the musicians. Music's not a competition.

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And supporting the musicians would be helping this single top the charts. If it won't go towards that, I'm gonna buy the album anyway, like I have all their other albums, so I'm gonna be getting the song and giving them my money regardless.


Bear in mind the fact I'll own this song in a few weeks due to owning the album. That's why I won't bother buying a single unless it'll help the song chart well.



Oh yeah, I'm seeing them live on the tour too. So again, I'm supporting them. I just wanna see this chart well.

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I'm not saying you're not supporting the musicians, I'm saying that a chart position doesn't matter. They'll get to number one anyway, but if you buy it from the Muse store, they'll get more of a cut.


Additionally, If you buy it from your local independent record store, they'll get something for it, which will help keep them alive.

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Well I downloaded it from the .mu store rather than the iTunes store. I just really want Muse to get another hit single. I like to see bands I enjoy getting a lot of exposure and radio airplay.


Ahhh I'm terribly sorry, I thought you meant the album.

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I reacted better to Madness than Survival, which was a relief. But I like it. So very mellow and it was very lifting to me. It's a song very much to grow and appreciate on but we should be glad we're getting something from them. And they're right, this is going to be the most crazy album they will ever create I just wonder how any of this will fall in place. :P

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