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The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

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It'll probably be a grower (like Survival), but I don't really care. The band are actually moving into the boldest new direction since Origin of Symmetry. I've heard enough Hysterias and Supermassive Black Holes to last me a lifetime, I'm ready for something, anything new.

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I'm just hoping that the bits and pieces of T2L that we've heard are really pieces that don't work out of context.


Because so far we've had 3 extremely different song types, themes and styles. And it feels really disjointed as an album from that. I'm wondering if it is taking the idea of the actual second law of thermodynamics.


Thinking of laws of thermodynamics/entropy it would mean alone each song alone is weird/chaotic, but in a system they work together?


Maybe I am overthinking this to make myself feel better.

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I really like the end, but the rest of it is shite. It's better than both Survival and Unsustainable though.

Agreed. And I think Unsustainable is mediocre now, but Survival's the truly dreadful one.


A lot of people are finding this a U2 ripoff, though I love U2. For some reason, U2 is detested among much of the fandom (partly because stupid fans are insulted that Muse opened for them. Yeah, how DARE Muse open for the biggest band in the world internationally, especially since Muse can't play stadiums outside Europe?). I'm sick of them ripping off Queen, even if this song's also basically "I Want to Break Free".


So yeah, mediocre lead single, but the bar's been set so low by the past few releases that it rises above those.

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Man I love it! It reminds me of my favourite U2 albums from the 90's, specially Zooropa. SOunds a lot like Queen's mid 80's of course, specially the guitar bridge in the middle. Really different and totally out of their confort zone (wich would be where Survival fits), that's what all big bands should do, try different things. Love it!

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Wow, the Muse boards are still down, nearly an hour after the song was played :laugh3: Anyway, I may as well give my 2 cents here...


I don't like it. I can immediately throw it in with UD as one of the few Muse songs I actually dislike. I'll tolerate it, but out of the three songs I've heard so far this is definitely my least favourite. I know it's supposed to be 'out of their comfort zone' and all that, and I was expecting something similar to UD, but I was hoping for it to build to much more of a climax. I guess it kind of did, but not in the way I was expecting. The closest thing I can think of to a redeeming feature is that at least it has a somewhat decent guitar bit ('solo' seems a bit too generous a description) while the same can not be said for UD. I'll say this sits at about the same level as Guiding Light, for me anyway.


Hearing this doesn't make me less optimistic about the album, however. The rest of the album really does sound promising, especially Supremacy, Animals, Explorers and Chris's two songs. I'm pretty confident that this will be the only song like this on the album. (OK, maybe except Follow Me) I can imagine this song will take over as the 'piss-break' song in live concerts. Which at least means that Undisclosed Desires probably won't be needed anymore.


edit: Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention this :facepalm: I'm not even a very big Queen fan, but I can instantly hear the similarities. I'm OK with the level of Queen-ness on USoE and Survival but this song just takes the piss. Also, I can kind of see where the U2 similarities are coming from. Listening to the song, I was reminded of 'Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World' (which is also my least favourite song on Achtung Baby :P)

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I can imagine this song will take over as the 'piss-break' song in live concerts. Which at least means that Undisclosed Desires probably won't be needed anymore.

Thank Christ. But then again, Undisclosed Desires is sickeningly popular. I can only hope the burden of carrying that damn keytar around on tour is reason for them to not play it next tour.


Piss break, booze break, photography break, that's what UD was good for last tour.

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Numb U2 - YouTube[/url]


maybe not that simillar...they have a simillar feeling I gues.


I don't think so. One song is mellow and soft while the other is alienated and quite paranoic. At least to me :shrug:

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