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Hurts Like Heaven full music video...


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A few months ago, when we learned about the comic book, I wasn't convinced at all, especially by the cover. It did seem a bit childish to me. Then when we got access to a few pages, I was convinced, and since then I've been very much looking forward to the release of the issues of the comic book.

People who come here often knew already that it was going to be some sort of trailer for the comic book. Coldplay took a risk, as it kinda puts on the side fans who aren't into the comic at all. But then again, the only singles they've really promoted for MX are ETIAW and Paradise, so this video, the way it is, isn't really surprising. I mean that I don't feel like they were going to promote the song, the music anyway, so they used it to promote the comic book. And from what I've understood so far, HLH is meant to set up the context, the universe in which Mylo lives, so making the HLH video about the comic does make sense.

I think the video looks very beautiful, although the pace, especially at the beginning, feels a bit slow for such an energetic song.

Oh, and Car Kids! Car Kids everywhere haha!! :lol: To me it means they won't release it as a song at all, and the fact that it's been omnipresent on the artwork was probably just a reference to the comic, not the song.

Overall, the video makes me even more excited for the comic! :dance:


I watched the making of video and I couldn't help but laugh at the French accents! :lol::lol:

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Thought it was all-right, not really dissapointed. Much better than CB (which was the worst) and PoC (which was better than CB, but that's like saying garbage is better than shit, and at the end of the day, their both pretty rank).


My only gripe is that the radio/music video is so short, only 3 mins (usually a radio song goes about 3 and a half mins, no?). They cut short the 2 guitar riffs/solos. But that's a minor thing as we already have the full song.


To everyone saying it's an ad for the comic, so what if it is? That shouldn't really come as a surprise as it was already stated that the music video was going to be a prelude to the comic. And I don't see what's wrong with promoting the comic as its their comic which is related to their album. I mean, if it was an ad for some other random topic, then it would be perplexing, but it really wasn't.


Even in some parts of the video, like at 1:19 in the video, their singing, "I won't let them take control" and their showing those army dudes walking/marching along, which shows that there is some sense of connection between the lyrics and the video. Also, the part right after that, where they sing, "feel a little bit nervous"...you have those two people (are they the Car Kids?) looking at each other and you can sense that "nervousness and not being able to relax" between them as they are being chased. That's just on the first watch, there are probably more connections.


The static animation didn't even bother me either but hey, at the end of the day, if you hate, you hate it.


Just pretend it never happened (in my head, the CB video doesn't really exist)


At least we got the Coldplay Live Film to look forward too now...

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Since the beginning I was never a big fan of the comics(although I will buy them when they're released;)) and this is also somewhat how I expected the music video , but it does seem more like an ad than a music video. I also hate it they shortened every awesome solo of Jonny:veryangry2:

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I stopped caring that much about music videos when I realised that often after watching them, it changed the way I thought of the song. If I don't like the music video, I don't watch it again. I couldn't stand the Charlie Brown video, so I don't watch it. And Princess of China...well, I wasn't really expecting much from that video.

But I actually like this. I don't need to think of it as a music video. I like the music to speak for it's self. I wish it was a bit smoother and was as energetic as the song, but all in all it's a cool video. (not much of a music video though)

It's a good way to promote the comic book. :P


So if you don't like it, ignore it.


And I just thought I'd add, If I cared too much about music videos, I think I would not be a very big fan of Keane. Their videos...struggle...

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l like it and it looks like when they said that they were trying to do a animated film and this looks like that. It's promoting the comic, but so what. Hell the album is a year old, so I doubt they would still be promoting that. I'm not a huge fan of comics, but when I heard that they had one coming out I was excited, but then I realized I didn't like comics and stopped caring. Why is it that when and artist does something out of their comfort zone they're called a sell out. It like if I eat cheeseburgers everyday and then one day I wanted subway, so because i wanted subway I'm a sell out, lol. I m just tired of that term its so old and cliche.

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Guys, they're selling the comics for like $5, basically only people on these forums are going to buy it, and Coldplay are already super rich. I do not think they made a whole music video just to advertise the comics, even if this video does sort of advertise them. It's supposed to be a prequel to the comics, and that's what it is. The only part that advertises for the comics is the very end, but honestly I'm glad that part's in there, because otherwise how would anyone who's not a huge fan have any idea what that music video is supposed to be?

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I never cared about comics all that much, so I'm not thrilled about the comic book, but I was hoping something better for the video. If that one is the actual HLH video then I'm really disappointed. I mean, the animation is well done and all but I don't know, maybe it's not my cup of tea, maybe I'm too old for this :shrug: . I still love the song, though.




I completely agree.


I feel old. :shame:

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So I wacthed again and for me it works for the song, just like ETIAW, not perfect but fits well. In my opinion Charlie Brown is the only video from Mylo Xyloto that managed to fit with the lyrics and the spirit of the song. The only thing that really bothers me on it is that it's just an ad to a comic and not a music video.

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