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Hurts Like Heaven full music video...


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I'm really not into comics but I'll buy every single copy b/c it's Coldplay related. My only objection about this video is that Jonny's solos were cut short.


Some fans can be overly dramatic on this board. Yeah, says the woman who threatened to strip naked if they didn't play Politik at her concert. I'm so over it so save it! :lol:


PS. What's not to like about the PoC video? Chris looks as handsome as ever. That alone is reason to watch the video over and over again. :lol:

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Honestly, how can you think any of that is true? Do you really think Coldplay made put all this effort into storyboarding the video, comics, and album all so that they could make a marginal profit off of five dollar comics that nobody but the biggest Coldplay fans will buy? If they just wanted to make a few extra bucks, they would've just played an extra stadium show or something and made twice as much money with very little effort.


Whether or not the comic is a good idea or not is subjective, but Coldplay think it's a good idea, and if they want to promote their own ideas, why shouldn't they be allowed to?

I didn't say they weren't allowed, I just said I didn't like it :lol: come on they are Coldplay they can virtually do anything. Reading my previous post now it seems a bit rude, sorry if anyone got offended...

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they kinda disappoint me .... after this mv and PoC ...


just look at Strawberry Swing ... The Scientist .. LiJ , not far away Paradise !!


but this music video ( = Comic video ) is not a good work for band with those experience !

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Some people dislike how MX was "mixed" or "produced" given that most songs are quite busy in terms of layering synths with the guitar/bass/piano/drums. Indeed, some moments feel like a "wall of sound".


After seeing this video, It's clearer what the band was aiming for. MX is both a soundtrack and rock album. On the surface, there are a handful of pop songs. Dig a little deeper, and you feel the soundscapes, interludes, and narrative of the album.


For HLH, I always felt the intensity and rush of the exploding dynamics of the song. Watching this video gives that artistic enthusiasm a back story. I think thats pretty cool.


Like others have said, If Coldplay wants to cash out on something, there are much better options. Stadium shows without expensive xylobands, greatest hits records, charging for LRLRL… not $5 comics.


They're doing this because they want to tell a story and they want to push their music further.

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I've never lost so much respect for coldplay...this is just not honest, its them selling...I am so dissapointed

It may be an ad, but it's an ad for something they've contributed to create, not a random product of a random brand.


This is why I don't really understand when people say they "sold out", after watching this video. For instance, the first CB video was made of footage from Glastonbury and other concerts. No one said: OMG THEY'RE TOTALLY SELLING TICKETS FOR THEIR GIGS, SHAME ON THEM! To me, it's kind of the same, except they're not selling a concert ticket, they're selling something that they thought about from the beginning of the process of making the album, and which also shows a possible interpretation of the songs. I see it more as a side project than the usual "spin-off" product: it's not the Justin Bieber toothbrush. :)

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people who dislike the video are generally overreacting. a lot of you guys really have to lower your expectations with coldplay.


every one of the MX music videos has been crap! Paradise is way too disney (i know the band don't take themselves seriously but elephants? come on! certainly excited the 14 year olds) and ETIAW was also very cheesy with them jumping up and down etc. and lets just forget CB and PoC.


as others have mentioned, they come nowhere near their older videos, much like the music actually. so just accept it for what it is

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After watching the video for the first time...


I can see why people dislike it. It is pretty much a glorified advertisement for the comics. But I have seen much, MUCH worse attempts than this.


In fact, I definitely think it's a great way to share at least part of the story Coldplay have created with this album. I would have preferred if it was fully animated, but meh, I'm not too fussed.


So yeah, I like it :D I'd put it right in the middle in terms of favourite MX videos (behind ETIAW and Paradise, ahead of PoC and CB).

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