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Chris Martin on Zane Lowe (28-04-2014) - 8pm on BBCR1

Captain Crieff

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:( I miss it. I want to hear this NOW! I'm hoping for someone to upload the full interview as soon as possible. They're going to upload only some parts of the interview along the week. I want to hear everything NOW, can't wait until Friday. :cry:


Someone is uploading it to the MM section right now. Should be up there i a couple of minutes.

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Wow, that made me laugh, cry, think about my own life all in an hour. That was by far his most sincere best interview to date. It sounds silly but I feel proud of him. Ya know i cant imagine its easy to talk about those things but he did a great job. Hes having some issues thats he working on but I mean those songs are amazing and now with the issues underlying them completely out in the open this is by far going to be my favorite album.. ya know when it comes down to it he obviously did write this album for her . Id say it takes alot of courage to say I dont want to bring you down with me so ill let you go right now instead. O sounds absolutely beautiful... It made me cry in just seconds and the fact that he seemed to get emotional... I really wish them all the best... I hope he finds what hes searching for within... This album is gonna be killer!

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