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[2016-11-11] Coldplay To Perform At The London Palladium

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2. Paradise (+remix)


4. The Scientist

5. Clocks

6. Midnight

7. Charlie Brown


9. (Midnight) Fix You

10. Everglow (acoustic with JB, Muhammad Ali speech)

11. Viva La Vida

12. AOAL


13. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen; acoustic cover)


15. Up&Up

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Don't get me wrong this has been great, but i am slightly disappointed at the setlist they picked. Suzanne was great but it would have been nice to hear a few different b sides or something different. Also hate how amazing day seems to get no love :(

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I missed this one, but I was able to listen to Up&Up which is a meaningful song for the things we're living now. I really appreciate Chris said "have faith" at the end. I hope it doesn't take too long to upload it and share the link with all of us. I love the live version of GPASUYF and it seems they played the MX version :)

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Got home from meeting friends last night and turned the Absolute radio station on to find Up&Up playing and the show ending. I'm sure the whole thing was beautiful. I'm surprised Absolute radio don't have the show available on their website. I hope everyone who attended the show had a wonderful time! x


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