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Rate the latest movie you've seen

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Children of Men 11/10 i'm a sucker for orwellian stories and really enjoyed every moment of it.


The World's End 4/10 Still can't believe it was made by the same team behind Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead...

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Gravity 10/10 This movie was one of the richest experiences I had in the cinema in recent memory. Great metaphor of the reborn of a human life after a traumatic experience. Beautiful movie.


Hunger Games: Catching Fire 8/10 Great movie!! Live up to the hype. I´m surprised about how long the movie really is (Lord of The Rings like). They adapted almost every scene of the book. Atlas plays in the ending credits, and "We´re A Team" plays in a scene before.... SPOILER....the hunger games begins.

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