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Coldplay Announce Promo Tour!

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This was posted online about 30 minutes ago.


Good morning. The band have announced that they will mark the release of their new album, Ghost Stories, by playing six intimate shows in six cities around the world. The dates are as follows:


25 April - E-Werk, Cologne, Germany


05 May - Beacon Theatre, New York, USA

19 May - Royce Hall, Los Angeles, USA


28 May - Casino de Paris, Paris, France

12 June - Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan


01 July - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK


Tickets for the Cologne show will go on sale at 9am CET on Saturday, 19 April from www.eventim.de/coldplay.


Ticket information for the remaining five shows will be emailed exclusively to subscribers to the Coldplay mailing list (which can be joined here).


Ghost Stories will be released worldwide on Monday, 19 May. You can pre-order it now from iTunes or on CD.


source: http://m.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=1466&page=0

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i will try my very hardest to get tickets for the London show!


Same here although understandably there will be a lot of people disappointed, my F5 button is ready! (well technically not F5 anymore lol)

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Any idea how much the Cologne tickets will go for? I don't have a proper creditcard so I'll have to buy a prepaid one and I don't want to be short on cash, ya know! Would be a shame to miss out on such an intimate gig because of a technicality like that.


Edit: I also wonder what their setlist may look like. A full on back to back performance of Ghost Stories, or more something like the iTunes festival? I hope the first but I wouldn't be disappointed with the latter.

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do you guys think that this is what chris meant by saying that only a few people are going to see them live?

I mean are these shows going to be similar to those where they filmed for the DVD? :D


I believe Chris was referring to having people hear the album played in its entirety, not live overall. ;)

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Will try for Paris and London!!!! It's a shame that I'll still be in the UK for the Paris one and I will be back to France for the London one! Travel mess! But haha i'd go anywhere for Coldplay...now I have an interesting Skype conversation coming up! :sneaky::lol:


(but seriously though my bday is on May 21 going to a 1500 capacity venue on May 28 for Coldplay would be the best damn present for my 20th birthday :awesome: :awesome: )

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