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LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

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I have not heard the leak yet but I have one question for those who have. Being as objective as possible and taking your own personal opinions out of it - is there a major hit on this album? For example not a lot of people loved Paradise when they first heard it but there was no doubt that it was going to be massive. Anything that comes close to that on AHFOD?


I agree with AMD. It's kind of odd, because every single album that Coldplay has ever done has had that "big" hit (ARoBttH had, like, three :lol: ), but AHFoD doesn't really seem to have one that immediately stands out like Yellow, Viva la Vida, Fix You, etc.


I imagine it will wind up being HFtW? If Everglow segued into a bigger sound at the end I could have seen it being that one, but it stays too quiet in my opinion to really work as a big hit.

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No don't make me think about that! This is not their last album this is not their last album this is not their last album this is not their last album this is not their last album *cries in corner*

Haha sorry! What I meant was that it's the end of a very small chapter in a huge book. How's that? ;)

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Wow...I did the leak and I'm in utter shock at how much I dislike this album. It's not only bad by Coldplay standards, but in general. I'm all for changing sound, but you typically want that new sound to be progress in some form or fashion. This album is so unoriginal, overproduced, and just..awful. There are enough Maroon 5s out there. I'll say AHFOD (track) and Amazing Day are solid. But I don't really see me listening to this album in the future. I blame Stargate...and Chris.

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