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"Miracles" new original song by Coldplay for movie "Unbroken"

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This song remembers me a LOT of U2. I love when it hits the climax explosion in the end. It has the same vein of Strawberry Swing and Ink, and its probably one of their poppiest song to date. I'm not very into pop music (with the exception being Coldplay), or too poppiest songs, but I admit that's pretty good. The production was FLAWLESS. You can really hear Chris voice, clear as water and everything that's being played. I'ts not my favorite Coldplay song, but maybe is one of their best poppiest songs to date. Better than Sky Full Stars and Magic. For me it has the perfect mix between the Viva Era and the Ghost Stories Era.


But I still love Oceans and Ghost Story so much more. The lyrics in these two song is a genius thing.


PS: Sorry for my English.

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