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All I Can Think About Is You


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Haven't seen this excited of a reception for a new track in a long time! Oldplayer's and Newplayer's alike pleased? Its a dream come true.


I will say that the song isn't perfect on this live version--I am hoping for a longer ambient intro to the track, maybe some strings?, Also Chris' lyrics are cringy yet again--even more so than Hypnotised. "Fish out of water, bird stuck on the ground." "turned upside-down." THESE ARE ALL THEMES YOU HAVE HAMMERED OVER THE HEAD FOR A DECADE.


The song is clearly trying to be a little dystopic and moody like Atlas or Radiohead, given the current state of the world, but like AHFOD or GS, the lyrics are so surface-level for describing a topic--there is nothing to think about really in terms of poetry or grandiose messages.

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I really like this song the bass is identical to TWTUD and the drums sound Parachutish at first and then like Atlas. The piano sounds like Clocks and Atlas and the guitar solo in the end reminds me of GPASUYF Live 2012 version.

Why don't we try to find the lyrics?


Fish out of water

Bird stuck on the ground

Chaos coming over?

Everything is upside down

... on a planet (it makes sense with the artwork)

the one I want to go?

Troubles on the outside, I know ?

So now, all I can think about is you

all I can think about is you

...what on Earth to do?

So low, so low ...


I want to walk in and...

Cause all I can x3

Cause all I can do x2


All I can think about is you

Cause all I can

All I can think about is you

Oh, it is the only

that's left and it's true???





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It definitely sounds like a B-side. The piano from Chris almost sounds like one of those demo songs that play on an electric keyboard. Not necessarily a bad thing, just very standard sounding. But if this is a sign of the kind of music to come for the band, hallelujah.

I'm getting the vibe of Ghost Story, High Speed, Atlas and then into Viva stuff (like Death and All his Friends) with some excellent X&Y-ish guitar work from Jonny boy.


Really hoping they make more music like this, not middle-of-the-road AHFOD and Chainsmokers garbage.


I like this kind of old school Coldplay vibe with a new flavor. Excellent work especially from Jonny and Guy on this song.

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For some reason looking over the lyrics reminds me of a video I heard involving an Amsterdam live performance in 2001. The lyrics weren't really fleshed out and had a bit of a repeat - "Time, pushing you down, pushing you all around. Sick on your side, sick to the bones, sick to the stomach.", which after a little cleanup became "But time, is on your side. It's on your side now. I'm pushing you down, and all around. It's no cause for concern." My belief here is that it could be cleaned up a little before it's actually released. Besides, we've only got a little under a month left till it's released.

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k, real headphones in: instrumentally, it's not bad. but the lyrics are so-so. Chris has never been amazing at lyrics, but im reaching my limit of how many bird analogies I can take. Giving it somewhere between a C to a B grade depending on any differences to the studio version

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So, it's sort of like U2 remixed Atlas. Not my favorite, but not too bad either. :)


That's exactly what I thought about this song when I first heard it, glad I'm not the only one to think that. It gives off a strong U2 vibe and parts of it, especially the buildup, sound too much like Atlas - not to mention the very generic drumbeat in the beginning that reminded me of Magic. Also, once again a song with an abrupt end, it seems (need to wait for the studio version there of course)....


But here come the good things: The second half is just epic ! The piano bridge just gives me goosebumps and the guitar towards the end is also great.

The title initially gave rise to worries that this track might be the next attempt at a big summer pop hit, and I'm really glad this turned out not to be the case and this track has a darker edge to it. I actually also like the "All I can....all I can" vocal parts by Chris.


This song is a million times better than SJLT and 90% of AHFOD, and gives me hope for the next Era ! Maybe Coldplay are slowly outgrowing their dancepop phase after all.


I'll reserve final judgment for when the studio track comes out and hope the great elements of this song don't get lost in production. Since Hypnotised had a good production though, I'm optimistic about the studio version of ACTAIY.


And if ALIENS is indeed based on that awesome guitar progression we heard in the soundtrack, Kaleidoscope might well turn out to be a great release !

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So, I wanted to keep myself from listening the song until the actual release. I failed.

Now there will only be 2 new songs on the EP when it comes out...

...BUT... Damn what an amazing song! The sound quality is shitty so I'm very anxious to hear the studio version. This is the side of Coldplay many people wanted to hear! And with Hypnotised and 2 other possible great alternative sounding tracks Coldplay is back again!


Some thoughts on the song:

The intro reminds me of a GS song, maybe some sort of combination of All Your Friends and Another's Arms, very laid back, tranquilent and mysterious. However the bassline is so remniscent of the Parachutes/AROBTTH era. The piano is absolutely gorgeous in combination with Jonny's swift guitar. The build up is massive, reminds me a bit of DAAHF. And the rest is history. Jonny once again shines in the last part of the song, it does feel a bit Atlas-esque, but then maybe the grown op version, containing elements of Coldplay throughout the years.


The only minor letdowns are the drums unfortunately. As a drummer, I always try to see different background patterns/layers and hoping for some Will magic, and if this drum pattern was a first for Will I wouldn't mind. However since his drum beat of Paradise, he has made a habit out of the same R&B/generic sort of drum pattern (Magic/Up&Up/Miracles etc.). Moreover his playing is almost identical to Atlas (not considering the fills -- oh yes FINALLY some fills). I feel that Will doesn't do this song justice and could have come up with a far more interesting pattern/beat. Unfortunately it seems Will has somewhat lost his inspiration in coming up with interesting/complex drum patterns. It's a pity, definitely when we compare it to the drum beats of songs like Square One, Fix You, Low, DAAHF, Strawberry Swing, Glass Of Water, Major Minus and, in my opinion his best work on 42.

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I failed to listen to it until the official release but since they performed it live I decided to do it:

I love it! The beginning was somehow too repetitive with a great bass riff. The end is epic! They did a great job, you can see they love playing together as everyone adds something unique to the end. Can't wait to listen to the EP!

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