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(It's out...) Countdown To Paradise Thread (Real time CHATROOM embedded in first post!)


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If it is a download (which I think because there is still no info about it) I hope it's free just like violet hill was...


Ah wouldn´t that be sweet! Considering ETIAW was probably sold twice to just about anyone....but I don´t think Paradise will be free. I think EMI will milk all they can out of MX.

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I predict that if it's an download only track, I'll have to buy this one too twice like ETIAW, because I don't want the album from iTunes but will Pre order the deluxe limited edition. Now it would ne nice if they opened for Pre-order on Monday and give paradise as instant download to those who buy the physical album on the official web page. But I guess its too much common sense for EMI

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I'm trying to pass the time by keeping myself very busy through entertainment or actually productive things. Mainly spending my days listening and watching to podcasts (I have a lot to keep me busy for a few hours) and trying to get friends to come over. Most of them are in class though so I just tend to drive around for a while, get food, etc.

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Tweeted by Aled Jones (from Radio 1)


ahj Just listened to Coldplay's new song 'Paradise' in playlist-ooh it's good! We'll have first radio play on The Chris Moyles Show on Mon!




(his favourite music is stuff like Girls Aloud etc though, so I wouldn't get too excited :P)


Well at least he didn't dislike it.

If the song is already being sent to radios, it might leak before Monday :(

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Aled is on the Playlist board at Radio 1, he decides what gets played and what doesn't, which is why he's heard it.


Radio stations will have been given it to listen to, but told not to play it until Monday, so I wouldn't get your hopes up for hearing it before then.

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Uhoh :uhoh: :blank:



I asked him if it was "good" like ETIAW or actually good, but he didn't respond :P


I don't think there's anything wrong with it being an "immediate" song is there?


Also, i like ETIAW, so that wouldn't bother me :D

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