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LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

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I'm guessing first single after July, any time then would be understandable. The amount of time and effort gone into the timeline, they are going to want people to see it and acknowldge it. I'm not surprised if they are currently re doing the main web site for AHFOD, and I would also think that once the main website is back, they will still allow us to access to the timeline through the main page.

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^ Let Tuesday pass at least! But yeah, you will probably be disappointed on Wednesday anyways. Unfortunately.





I BREATHE DISAPPOINTMENT, I'm the bat after all, I must not achieve happiness in my life.

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I hope they share some information this Friday, it would be the best birthday gift ever! :D


Also, I think the most important song on the album will be the last one so if ther'ye still looking for the perfect song this is the perfect time :cool:

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politik and fix you are better.
In your opinion, yes.


so, the blue hat with the smiley face makes a new appearance. it's clearly some kind of sign/teaser/promotional thing for AHFOD.

what do you think?


I think it's a piece of clothing that Chris Martin is very fond of. Just like Jonny who wore a green hat for 3 years in a row.

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I agree, he seems very fond of it and don't think it is related to LP7, although it may be indicative of Chris's mood these days. He's probably consciously embracing and displaying a positive outlook on life after getting over the falling-apart of his marriage.

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