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LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

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As long as the music is great, I'm okay with that title.




Srsly, imagine Coldplay came up with the worst title of all time. Would you still listen to it? I know I would. So, who really cares about titles if you're gonna listen to it anyways?


"A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet"


To expand on that, for the past few pages, its gotten a taddd more negative up in here. I'm all for free speech and all, so I decided to let the other side vent their worries and concerns (legitimate or otherwise...). But I would offer my POV and say that I personally havent been disappointed through 6 albums and I dont anticipate being let down for 7.


Is there something that they couldve done better in each album? yes, but you could say that for any album from any artist.


I think it boils down to whether youre a glass half empty or full person. I like to concentrate on the highlights as opposed to dwelling on the misses.

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^I totally agree. At first, I though Ghost Stories was a bland title until I heard it and it all kind of made sense!!


AHFOD is the same. I think the title is too cheesy like everyone else, but we haven't seen the cover art or heard a single. I am sure that will change all of our minds really quickly, and after some time, the title will feel just right.


I especially think that if these "dreams" are not just optimistic, idealistic dreams, and have some weird dreams, nightmares, etc in the mix, then the title will completely take on another meaning (which is what i am hoping for.)

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I agree that based on the title I am pessimistic as well - especially since Chris said that he loved A Sky full of Stars and with the extremely bland feel-good song Miracles being their in-between albums song so based on the title I still suspect the album will lean towards "feel-good" and/or EDM music.

Also, every title before GS had at least some mystery or abstraction in it - you never knew really what exactly those Parachutes, or X and Y or even Mylo Xyloto etc. were really referring to so I disliked the very plain and boring title "Ghost Stories", and "A Head full of Dreams" sounds exactly as plain and cliche to me.


To illustrate my point, I mean....would you rather be intrigued by a book in the shelf called "Ghost Stories" or "Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends" ?

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I think AHFOD will be like the sequel to GS, the exact opposite feelings (more like ASFOS vibes) of happiness and acceptance and hope. Like MX but more personal. Im wishing for an edgy sound but lets all be honest, itll be pop.


If they do make another pop album, hopefully it's similar to viva, some baroque pop.

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:o I didn't know I wanted this until now . . .



Then again, as long as I get a couple of songs with deep, complex lyrics I'll be happy.



But man a mix of classical and rock styles would be the greatest :wacky:


It would sound pretty incredible [emoji2][emoji106]

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Their producer said he was working on strings and horns
If you mean Davide Rossi, he's not their producer, he's more of a long-term collaborator, who has contributed to several Coldplay albums with his string work. But he's not really their producer ;) He's more of their go-to guy whenever they want some sweet, nicely arranged strings. But yeah anyway hopefully they'll keep his contribution in LP7, he ALWAYS brings some great stuff to Coldplay's music.


How about Chris rocking a keytar on stage?)
Ohgod :sick: :lol:
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yes, i saw it too in the ascap ! OMG !


I'm a real bastard

Closer to home

Rastafarian Targyrien

Red Wedding

Still going strong


Voldermort (LOL!)


??? That means LP7 is coming closer...


Thanks to ov3la, who was actually first !

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