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Setlist for the LP7 tour

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i'm cheating a little bit on this thread and i made a festival setlist(like the ones they did in 2011), this is how it looks




3-God Put A Smile Upon My Face




7-A Sky Full Of Stars




11-Lovers In Japan

12-Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

13-The Scientist


15-Viva La Vida

16-Charlie Brown

17-Fix You


18-Yellow (piano intro)


It goes a little bit away of some Coldplay's concerts patterns, like only one song on the encore, but i think is a setlist that would make everyone happy. What do you guys think?

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Main Stage:

1. MX/Hurts Like Heaven

2. LP7 song (most likely the album opener)

3. Yellow

4. LP7 song

5. Spies

6. Daylight

7. LP7 song

8. Everything's Not Lost


B Stage:

9. The Hardest Part (acoustic, PLEASE)

10. Things I Don't Understand (one can definitely hold this as a dream)

11. the bass line from Things I Don't Understand goes out, synth stays, and Jonny plays a small little guitar intro, and BAM, they perform Low.


Main Stage:

12. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

13. The Scientist

14. Violet Hill

15. Paradise

16. LP7 song

17. LP7 song

18. Strawberry Swing

19. Viva La Vida

20. Murder

21. Another's Arms

22. A Sky Full Of Stars



23. Magic

24. Ink

25. Fix You

26. Amsterdam

27. Death Will Never Conquer

28. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

29. Life is for Living

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hmmmm, Wish List



Ghost Story

Lovers in Japan, it is so glorious

One I love (neva gonna happen but we can dream)


I have been so blessed to hear my fav song Warning Sign so I do not want to push my luck and ask for it again

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come on coldplay, lets make it 25 songs plsssssss.


Or even makes us staying at the venue overnight and running the show till drop :P


I'm gonna say Yellow, GPAUYF, A Message, Strawberry Swing, Hurts Like Heaven, Always In My Head (This song always makes me cry every time!) and all of other songs I'm okay as long as the songs I mentioned should be on the setlist! :angry: :P

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^while X&Y is generally known as one of the weaker Coldplay albums (I don't agree, just what the critics say, relax), I would like to see a more balanced setlist.


I suppose the greatest number of songs will come from LP7, so that's about 8-10 songs from LP7 alone, with the first and last track probably opening and closing the set (as history suggests).


With around 3-4 songs per album and 6 albums, that's 18-24 additional songs.


With trying to keep that balance in mind, here's the songs from each album i'd like to see / what we're likely to see.


LP1: yellow, trouble, don't panic

LP2: This is really tough, cause tracks 1-7 could all make it. But i'll settle with clocks, the scientist and GPASUYF. I don't necessarily like them, but clocks and the scientist are too famous to leave the set. Politik is a fan fav, but doesn't out rank those 2. I could see in my place being replaced by a new LP7 song of the same feel. But I know the band love to play GPASUYF, 'cause they said its one of their only 'rock out' songs. As much as i'd like to see Warning sign and green eyes, it doesn't outrank the ones I listed.

LP3: What if, Fix you, and i'd like to see Low

LP4: Viva, Strawberry swing, Violet Hill

LP5: Paradise, CB, ETIAW

LP6: Magic, ASFOS, Midnight


Maybe if I had more time i'd rank each song based on likelihood of showing up on the setlist, then sorted by each album, and then make the set list based on the pool of songs. But for now, this will do.


Boy, what started out as a short reply to the user above me ended in more thought/work than I planned on.

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What I want, is a slightly longer set. 100-105 minutes. That'll make more people happy across many spans. Something like the same length of the second half of the 2008/2009 viva tour...yes. that.

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I would like to see this set list!

Can't see it actually happening, but I can dream!


1. Album 7

2. Magic

3. Shiver

4. Talk

5. True Love

6. Album 7

7. Album 7

8. Charlie Brown

9. Paradise

10. In My Place

11. Yellow

12. Clocks



14. The Scientist

15. ALBUM 7






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Of course I can't really say a particular setlist prediction is 'wrong', but here are some things i'm noticing.


The setlist is unlikely to start and end with anything other than the LP7 era opener, or at the very least, an LP7 era song. I hate to name names, but just as an example, the previous user (^above me) listed Always in My Head and A Sky Full of Stars as the bookend songs which I think is very unlikely to happen.

That's a solid point, but also keep in mind, we don't know how songs would be paired around in the setlist.

And I hate to put a damper on the fun, but its impossible to know when/where the LP7 songs fit in relation to the other songs without knowing what they sound like. I don't think that'll stop anyone from trying though, haa


On that same note, we have think like the boys would when placing songs, example; Paradise is usually paired right after Charlie Brown 99% of the time (because of the piano outro makes the perfect transition to Paradise), Fix You came after Clocks (because they're both in the same key), ASFOS came after Oceans, when performed (because of the build-up transition in-between the two). So we don't know how to place the songs until we hear them.


So, if we're thinking like the boys, there's probably gonna be a "Tour Setlist" and a "Festival Setlist". They will be very similar but different. Each Setlist would feature probably the LP7 album opener, your 7-9 usual fan favorites 'fillers' (IMP, Yellow, GPASOMF, etc.), 2-3 classic fan favorites 'fillers' (Shiver, Everything's Not Lost, etc.), 1-2 LP7 future singles, a small B/C stage action, back to main stage with 5-6 'fillers' (starting probably Charlie Brown & Paradise, or with some LP4, 5 & 6), then the encore featuring: Clocks (if it hasn't been performed yet), Fix You, ETIAW, ASFOS, (not necessarily in that order) and either the LP7 closer or the 1st/current LP7 single.


Only thing that will change on tour is, the setlist will probably have more LP7 songs, a little more B/C stage action, and a few more fan favorites. BUT the only thing that will probably be the same is the encore (Clocks, if not performed; Fix You; ASFOS; ETIAW; and the LP7 closer, LP7 current single, or the 1st LP7 single).


Also, the boys always have surprises up their sleeves, so we'll have to wait and see how the songs will layout. ;)

Also, when designing setlists, keep this in mind. If they can cut Politik out of their show, no song is safe from being cut.
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Since they're going to play at the Global citizen thing...they gotta play Politik this time, right?!?!! I mean this time it DOES fit goddamnit :bomb:


Probably not but i wish!!! They're most likely going to play a new song off a head full of dreams.

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Their set will be short but not one song only :lol: i sure hope we'll get both!


they're probably gonna do like 10 songs, probably doing a tailored version of a ghost stories set, but including the future/first single from AHFOD.

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I would like to hear a live version of UFO. It can be done in C stage. And I would like to hear Speed of Sound as recorded, not the acoustic version they did in MX tour. Yellow is something I can do without. I think my favorite tour was VLV (though watching taping of GS DVD/NBC will be my favorite weekend if all time re Coldplay). I wasn't planning on going to Las Vegas but my husband surprised me with a ticket for my birthday. Not a great seat but I will be in the house!

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1. LP7

2. Yellow

3. Magic

4. Paradise

5. LP7

6. Clocks

7. LP7

8. Speed Of Sound

9. Violet Hill

10. GPASUYF (MX Version)

11. LP7

12. Ink

13. A Sky Full Of Stars

14. Miracles

15. Low

16. Lovers In Japan

17. LP7

18. LP7

19. Viva La Vida


Encore 1:


20. Square One or Politik

21. True Love

22. Midnight

23. LP7

24. Talk

25. Til Kingdom Come

26. A Hopeful Transmission/DLIBYH


Encore 2:


27. The Scientist

28. LP7

29. Hurts Like Heaven/LP7

30. (Postcards From Far Away Intro) Charlie Brown/Life Is For Living

31. Don't Panic

32. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


Encore 3:


33. O

34. Fix You

35. Atlas

36. Up With The Birds

37. All Your Friends

38. Moving To Mars

39. LP7

40. Amsterdam



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