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AOAL Music Video (Out Nov 27th)


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Maybe the video isn't all apes? They could conceivably do motion capture and be a bunch of different things throughout the song: apes, aliens, trees, who knows?


It looks like this video is just trying to be fun, like the band saying "why the hell not, lets give it a go." The environmentalist inside of me though hopes there is more of a message with the video....


As much as I love the Paradise video (which is adorable) I was surprised there wasn't some message about the endangered state of elephants. Also hoping the same for Finding Dory, the pixar film, next year. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE AWARENESS ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CORAL REEFS AND ECOSYSTEMS WORLDWIDE! Sorry. that is my tangent.

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The MV for AOAL is 95% finished. I have a friend working on it as we speak ! Just look for his name when the video is released (Ishibashi) :)


would you mind sharing which company is doing the video? curious since i work in the field.

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