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Rank The Songs From A Head Full of Dreams!


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After hearing the official version, here is my ranking (this will probably change as you can see from my previous ranking (post #2))


1. Birds 10

2. Amazing Day 9.5

3. AHFOD 9.5

4. Fun 9

5. Army of One 8

6. Up&Up 7

7. AOAL 7

8. Everglow 6

9. HFTW 4

10. Kaleidoscope 4

11. Color Spectrum 3

12. XMTS 3

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1. Birds (9)

2. Amazing Day (9)

3. Adventure Of A Lifetime (8)

4. Hymn For The Weekend (8)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

5. Everglow (7)

6. Up&Up (7)

7. A Head Full Of Dreams (6)

8. Fun (6)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

9. Kaleidoscope (4)

10. Army of One (4)

11. X Marks The Spot (4)

12. Colour Spectrum (3)

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1. Up&Up (8/10, live version is like 9.5/10. I can already tell this is going to be one of those songs where I hoard 15 different live versions)

2. A Head Full of Dreams (8/10 love the bridge and the ooh-ohh-ohhs)

3. Birds (7/10 best lyrics on the album, the ending makes me laugh)

4. Hymn for the Weekend (6.5/10 it's like PoC except better in every way, also dat bass)

4. Fun (6.5/10 didn't like this one at first, but I actually like Tove Lo's voice paired with Chris's)

4. Everglow (6.5/10 strangely enough, I feel like the live version is much better even though they sound exactly the same)

4. Kaleidoscope (6.5/10 best interlude since Life in Technicolor started the trend)

8. Adventure of a Lifetime (6/10 could be vastly improved with better lyrics and none of that dumb chopped up vocal stuff under the riff)

8. Amazing Day (6/10 very pretty, but never really did anything for me)

10. Army of One (3/10 the "heart is a gun" line is good, but that's the only good thing good about this)

11. Colour Spectrum (-/10 love the name, but can't really rank it)

12. X Marks the Spot (0/10 you know you messed up when you're ranked lower than a white noise interlude)


Album rankings:

1. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

2. A Rush of Blood to the Head

3. X&Y

4. A Head Full of Dreams

4. Parachutes

6. Mylo Xyloto

7. Ghost Stories


AHFoD-Kaleidoscope is great. The next stretch I don't really care for (Amazing Day is all right, but nothing special). Finishes strong with Up&Up. Lyrics are better than the last two albums--nothing like we got on the first four, a few great lines and a few instances of cheese. Jonny and Guy are spot on with their work on this one, but a few too many unnecessary production-y things going on for my taste (too many instances of chopped up vocals underlying the main riffs of the songs).


Overall: 6.5/10 (for reference, X&Y gets 7/10, Rush gets 9/10, Viva gets 10/10)

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For the life of me, I can't figure out why in the world you all are freaking out over Birds. It's really not that great.


Yes, I ranked a 60-second interlude at #6. It's that beautiful.


AHFOD is not only an epic way to open an album, it's also an epic way to open a concert. So needless to say, I'm pumped to have that song kick things off when I see them.


Up&Up is... oh my goodness. I love Jonny and Noel Gallagher on that song so much. Simply beautiful.


AOAL is still tops, though... I love it just as much as I did when it debuted a month ago.

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For now I'm just going to rate each song based on my first listen of most of them, and might revisit this thread in the future:


AHFOD - 8/10

Birds - 8/10

Hymn for the Weekend - 9/10 (love the vibe)

Everglow - 8.5/10 (could play this at my funeral :))

Adventure of a Lifetime - 9/10

Fun - 8/10 (would have liked Tove Lo to be more prominent in the mix)

Army of One - 8/10 (probably the closest on the album to a more traditional rock track)

Amazing Day - 9.5/10 (perfect song for a wedding/slow dance)

Up&Up - 7.5/10 (was expecting more based on the band's description of it, but still superior to the closing track on GS)

X Marks the Spot - 7/10 (chill track, glad it's on here regardless)


For reference, songs such as ASFOS and Yellow would receive a 10/10 from me so we'll see if any of these songs grow to a 10/10. I think AHFOD and Birds are a bit too new to me to really judge although I agree with AHFOD being a great concert opener. I cannot figure out how that spot went to Hurts Like Heaven on the MX tour.

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1.A Head Full Of Dreams (8.5/10)




5.Hymn For The Weekend(8/10)


7.Army Of One(7.5/10)

8.Amazing Day(7.5/10)

9.Aventure Of A Lifetime(7.5/10)

10.Colour Spectrum(7/10)


12.X Marks The Spot(6/10)


Total Rating For Album 7.5/10

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my ranking:

1. everglow

2. amazing day

3. birds

4. a head full of dreams

5. up&up

6. army of one

7. adventure of a lifetime

8. kaleidescope

9. fun

10. colour spectrum

11. hymn for the weekend

12. x marks the spot


album ranking:

1. a rush of blood to the head

2. parachutes

3. x&y

4. ghost stories

5. viva la vida

6. a head full of dreams

7. mx

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This is difficult oh my gosh.

1. Up&Up (Live) (Absolutely stunning version of this song, disappointed the Studio version didn't sound like this, best song Coldplay has had in a while IMO, 10/10)

1. Everglow (Liked it when I heard it on Beats 1, love it evermore now, 10/10)

2. Army Of One (One of the better ones lyrically IMO, sounds great over all, 10/10)

2. Fun (Chris and Tove Lo match beautifully in this one, 10/10)

3. Birds (The metaphor of birds has never let them down, 9.5/10

4. Kaleidoscope (Love the poem and the track, wish it was longer and expanded, 9/10)

5. AHFOD (catchy and memorable, 9/10)

6. Amazing Day (Liked this song live, like the studio version even better, solid song 9/10)

7. Colour Spectrum (Not as good as Kaleidoscope, but still a good interlude (8/10)

8. Up&Up (Studio) (Disappointed, had my hopes up because of the live version (7/10) (though I'm glad to see the return of his kids and their drown out voices at the end). Exactly how O (Fly On) ended and that was a beautiful track.

9. AOAL (7/10) (I'm not too keen on this single, it's a very upbeat song and I do like that, I feel it'll take some time for it to grow on me)

10. Hymn For The Weekend (PDC-- Pretty Damn Catchy. It's a good one but lyrically faulty for Chris ("drunk and high", really Chris? You wrote AROBTTH!) and doesn't sound like Coldplay really (7/10)


11. X Marks The Spot (IMO absolutely the worst Coldplay song made, with the very possible exception of A Sky Full of Stars, very much the same reasons. Just like Coldplay is not an EDM band, it's not a hip-hop one either, they went too far out of their zone for both of those songs. A Whisper is not good either, however that's different IMO since it at least stayed within their sound, 2/10)


For fun, the albums


1. AROBTTH (Who doesn't love the song of the same name)

2. X&Y (many disagree, but this one of their better ones, along with its many b-sides, extra songs)

3. Viva La Vida (Viva was amazing, definitely should be top 3, best one of this decade)

4. AHFOD (Best album post-Viva)

5. Parachutes (good album, and some favorites come from it, Sparks, Trouble, Yellow, Don't Panic)

6. Mylo Xyloto (Over-produced with some gems in it, Up With The Birds, Us Against The World, Up In Flames) (Moving to Mars on the ETIAW EP)

7. Ghost Stories (although one of my all-time favorite CP songs, O (Fly On) comes from this album, the rest of it is Meh.)


Prospekt's March is probably in between Viva and AHFOD.

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Although I've yet to hear X Marks the Spot and am going off of descriptions, I think it'll be a track fans need to warm up to a la Midnight.

I disagree. Midnight was a track that sounded like Coldplay COULD have made. It IS a good Coldplay track, albeit different than usual Coldplay. This track is also different but XMTS does not sound like Coldplay and quite frankly I will refuse to believe that the same band that made A Rush Of Blood To The Head, made that awful awful awful track. Like another member said, if an interlude is better than a full-length track, there's an issue. In my opinion Coldplay had two interludes on the album (Kaleidoscope and Colour Spectrum), and I think both of them were miles above XMTS.

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My ranking (not in order) :

AHFOD (7/10)

Birds (5/10)

HFTW (4/10)

Everglow (6/10)

AOAL (7/10)

Fun (4/10)

Kaleidoscope (1/10)

Army of One (4/10)

Amazing Day (6/10)

Up&Up (6/10)


Clearly their weakest album, can't even recognize Coldplay in some songs. Guess we can't expect something good when a album take only 1 year to produce (they used to take at least 3 years to make an album!) I would rather have a GS worldwide tour than this album.


Albums ranking :




Parachutes / MX

Ghost Stories


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I was guessing my reaction if AHFOD was the very first Coldplay album and I was not a fan and this was the first time that I hear them, and perhaps it could be:


AHFOD: Sounds good, I'm feeling happy now. It give me expectations to hear the rest of the album.

B: Man, what a good song! (At the end: Are you trolling me? LOL.) Gonna repeat it.

HFTW: Is this really Beyoncé? How have these guys gotten a collaboration with her? I'm not a fan (and maybe don't know more of two songs by her) but you know that she's a star. Ok, the song will be a radio hit for sure but it's too generic for me.

E: Lovely ballad. But I think it could be much better.

AOAL: I heard that song on the radio yesterday. Well, it doesn't kill me but it's catchy, so I think I like it.

F: Good pop song. Their voices match very well.

K: Oh, truly nice! Love it.

AOO: Hey, I do like this one. Unexpected good sound.

XMTS: Err… Well, it's a hidden track.

AD: Good feelings. This is a very nice and relaxing song.

CS: Is it the first track on repeating? Ah, an interlude, ok.

UU: Wow, I love the lyrics and that tune. Great ending!


Also, if I was japanese:


M: Sweet lyrics. Now I'm feeling good.


Short opinion: (6,5/10) Not bad to be honest. They could become one of the best pop bands in the future.


EDIT: After few listens, I say 7/10. Yes, they are young and good. I wanna see what they'll make for their second album.

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1. Birds

2. Up&Up


Really good

3. Fun

4. Everglow

5. Hymn For The Weekend

6. A Head Full Of Dreams

7. Army Of One



8. Adventure Of A Lifetime (Probably because I listened too often by now)

9. Amazing Day

10. X-Marks the Spot


This is actually based upon skip-ability of the song, the last 3 I often skip.


Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONE E1003 met Tapatalk

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Okay guys what is it. Why is Birds sucking you all in and doing nothing for me... because I'm literally the only one, it seems.


The Strokes/Tame Impala vibe that it gives off, the gradual build up that Coldplay is known for, really cool bassline, Jonny's sparkling and epic guitar riff at the end, the awesome abrupt ending and chirping bird transition into HFTW. Also it's the most experimental and least-pop (most-indie) sounding track on the entire record, which seems to resonate well with a lot of Oldplayers. The beat is pretty cool too.


Also, something I personally really love about the song is how Chris is voice is really soft and deep prior to the chorus, and how everything seems to lift up during the chorus (the "come on rage with me" part) including Chris' voice, the guitar, bass, and drum beat.

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^Agreed. This song possibly enters my top 5 Coldplay tracks. It simply has really gorgeous and textured production. It feels like an honest track performed with life instruments and live synths/strings. Most tracks on this record while great feel very fabricated (over produced). The indie vibe in Birds (like Tame Impala, Strokes, The Cure) simply make it a superior, fresh sounding song in Coldplay's discography.


I argue it is the most raw and beautiful thing on this album.

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