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Rank The Songs From A Head Full of Dreams!


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1.Everglow 9.5/10

2.Army of One 9/10

3. Fun 9.5

4.Up & Up 8.5

5. Birds 8.5

6.A Head Full of Dreams 7

7.Adventure Of A Lifetime 7

8.Amazing day 7

9.Hymn for the Weekend 5.5

10. X marks the spot... where it should have been tossed in the bin 1/10


I love the intrumentals kaleidoscope (brilliant) 10/10 and colour spectrum 9/10 :)


all in all good album, but it's hard to imagine they haven't made better songs than hymn and Xmarksthespot since Ghost Stories that could have made the album, which is painfull.

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1. Birds

2. Everglow (- for the random woah's/hey's)

3. Up & Up (Could have been the best, but those lame electronic drums and the beats destroyed it. Terrible production)

4. Amazing Day

5. A Head Full Of Dreams (Sounds so much like U2, just me?)

6. Adventure Of A Lifetime

7. Fun

8. Hymn Of The Weekend

9. Army Of One

10. Colour Spectrum

11. Kaleidoscope


X Marks The Spot... WHAT THE?!


I like this album, but could have been so much better without those electronic beats........

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1. Fun - I LOVE this song. That break in the song where its just Chris and the acoustic guitar is probably my favorite moment on the album. Tove Lo's harmonies are very beautiful as well. That ambient intro too.

2. Hymn For the Weekend - This song is addicting. It makes me want to bounce to the beat and dance. Beyonce's vocals are also very good and incorporated tastefully.

3. A Head Full of Dreams - This song is great, but in all honesty its too short. The dynamics of this song are great though, the way the music stops just for Jonny's guitar gives me chills. Very good track.

4. Up and Up - As many have said, production killed it. The song is still crazy good, but I wish the chorus had more depth and the solos were a little louder.

5. Adventure of a Lifetime - Another great dance song. The guitars are great and that ending is gonna be great to chant live.

6. Amazing Day - I liked this song from the get go, but the energy from the other songs puts this a little lower on the list.

7. Birds - This song is great too, but it seems to be the most repetitive. The very last 30 seconds are the best.

8. Army of One - Kind of indifferent with this one, its ok

9. Everglow - Same as Army of One, but I still like both of them.

10. X Marks the Spot - I dont hate it, but its just not my genre of music.


The transitions are pretty interesting, but I didnt feel like ranking them.

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1. Army of One - 10/10 Just so good. Can't get over the beat to this one. Love it so much

2. Fun - 10/10 From the previews, this was the one I was least looking forward to hearing but boy am I glad I was wrong about this. Beautiful song. Tove Lo's harmonies so perfectly blend with Chris' voice. Excellent collab.

3. Birds - 9/10 Love the energy and feeling in this song

4. Everglow - 8.5/10 Gorgeous song. Simply put. Jonny's ambient guitar in the back really makes it for me.

5. A Head Full of Dreams - 8/10 Fun opener! Feels like Zooropa era U2

6. Amazing Day - 8/10 Simple song but Chris sounds great on it and Jonny's riffs are slick

8. Adventure of a Lifetime - 8/10 Fits much better within the context of the whole album. Getting a lot more enjoyment out of it now.

8. Up & Up - 7/10 I think the live version is much better. The studio version feels a little hollow comparatively so I was a bit disappointed. I still think it's great tune but I wish they used the same energy that they put into the live version. Especially the "Just believe in love" closing. The solos are still the stand out star on this track. Good job, Noel.

9. Hymn for the Weekend - 6.5/10 I think Beyonce sounds great on the track. Fun song. Feel like it'll grow on me more but right now it's just kind of meh.

10. X Marks the Spot - I don't hate it as much as everyone else seems to. It's not BAD but it is certainly the worst song off the album. Not really my music taste and doesn't fit with the album. 4.5/10


Kaleidoscope and Colour Spectrum are both great instrumentals/transition pieces. Love them both


I think the album is absolutely brilliant. So bright, vibrant and different. 9/10 overall.

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1. A Head Full of Dreams (10/10) :

This record alone .... it gives me energy than most of the MX album :rolleyes: !!!!

The moment i heard the snippet i knew this will be great.

Everything is amazing about this record : the music, lyrics, guitar part, production, chorus ..... EVERY-DAMN-THING.

It becomes one of my fav songs but i wished if it was longer.


2. Adventure Of A Liftime (9/10) :

while i see alot of people dislike this song i find it beautifull dance and upbeat song with a great guitar riff .... just like AHFOD song it's full of life and one of the brilliant songs in the album.

i think i will never get bored from it .


3. Fun (feat. Tove Lo) (9/10) :

This track surprised me because i expected it to be bad ... well i was very wrong.

First you have that beautifull guitar riff at the start ..... and then the song start to build up and trasform to an upbeat song ..... also Tove Lo did great job with the vocals not to mention the great lyrics in this track.


4. Up&Up (8/10) :

What attract me here is the guitar solo and it was STUNNING :guitarist: + great chorus .... but i agree that production is poor here but anyway its still a great song and i can take it anytime.


5. Hymn For the Weekend (7/10) :

The moment i heard that this song will feature beyonce i though it will ends up like PoC ..... but i was happy to discover that she has a little part in this song.

Also The ending part of this song is what i love the most .... even tho i don't like this type of songs alot but it was really well made.


6. Everglow (7/10) :

Gorgeous song ...... the piano part is the best

The problem is Chris voice ... it's some how weak and could be alot better


7. Birds (7/10) :

What a nice lovely song to hear ..... I hate the end just a little bit.


8. Amazing Day (7/10) :

Nice song .... a bit oldplay which bring on some memories.


9. Army of one (6.5/10) :

As a coldplay song this is less that normal ..... Still its nice to hear.


10. X Marks the Spot (-99999999999999.99 / 10) :

This is my friends the worst peice of music coldplay every done.

How bad it is ??? bad enough to know that chris going semi hip-hop here ....... so yeah :facepalm:

I will try to forget that this track exists.


I won't rate Kaleidoscope and Colour Spectrum because they are just transition but i love them ^_^



Album rating (7.5/10) : I actually love this album alot and i think its alot better than GS and MX.

The transition between songs are not really good and there are some parts i hate like electronics drums on Up&Up ...... but still this album has alot of strong parts and its definitely a worthwhile Album :dazzled: .

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Personal standard on a 100 point scale:

Life in Technicolor ii and Politik (Live) are 10/10

A Whisper is 0.1/10


1. Up&Up 9/10

Really good song, very human and not artificial. I love the guitar and choir. Some of the best lyrics of the album are in this one.


2. Amazing Day 8.8/10

Beautiful. Love the strings and floating guitar. What I've been waiting for since Strawberry Swing.


3. Army of One 7.9/10

Fantastic pop song. Chris sounds strong and the lyrics are great pop lyrics without seeming derivative.


4. A Head Full of Dreams 7.7/10

These guys are a band in wonderful sync right now and this proves it. Some good U2 and Springsteen vibes here, but it's their song through and through. Happy and musical, we will see how memorable it is though.


5. Fun 7.5/10

Tove Lo sounds sweet and a good contrast to Chris. The duet totally fits. Lyrically, this is a great country music (classic style) song that tells a story and and has a strong message and hopeful ending.


6. Hymn for the Weekend 7/10

More deserving of a "Feat. Beyoncé" than Fun deserves a "Feat. Tove Lo." Good club pop, but the rest of the band isn't entirely forgotten. Points for being an intentionally crafted single and not coming out bland and forgettable. It is manufactured to be a certain type of song and it fulfills that.


7. Adventure of a Lifetime 6.9/10

Good song. Nice real instruments. Fresh but not super unique.


8. Birds 6.7/10

Cool song. Very not the norm, will appeal to hipsters who prefer artsy album tracks over popular songs. Really only becomes great at the end with the cool build up.


9. X Marks the Spot 5.510

Not the worst Coldplay song ever at all. Lots of potential to be used in a "buckin" related romantic setting.


10. Everglow 5/10

It's got real emotions that I haven't seen from Coldplay in a while. Great lyrics and message and admirably heartfelt. Sort of musically uninteresting to me though.


Kalaedisxoepoece and Color spectrum are cool but n/a as far as ranking songs, for me.


Whole CD: 7.5/10. Maybe it will be an 9 next week or a 6 in two weeks but we'll see. It flows well and the production is "fine" on a scale of bad to perfect. Nothing here seems fake though. Even the pop songs seem crafted with intention and the band (mostly Chris) is transparent about what he wants those songs to be. Some good rock influences here and there and some very stadium friendly pieces. I really like it.

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Can anyone tell me with details why 'X Marks The Spot' is so awful? I haven't heard it. I want a description of the song.


Honestly it's not. Like Princess of China it's just very "not Coldplay," and people (myself included) find it amusing to exaggeratedly shit on things. It's Chris with very light autotune/vocoder rap-singing a fairly repetitive loop. It's lyrically shallow in my opinion but I honestly enjoy it. I like alternative, electronic, rap, hip-hop so for me I find it like a cool little sojourn during a Coldplay album. If I only really liked true rock or alternative like a lot of "Oldplayers" I wouldn't like it either, so it's all just opinion. If you have a broad musical taste and find experimenting in other genres interesting I think you might like it.

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Can anyone tell me with details why 'X Marks The Spot' is so awful? I haven't heard it. I want a description of the song.


There's nothing original about it. The lyrics are quite cheesy, the sound is standard hip-hop/pop fare. There's nothing redeeming and like True Love (for me), if someone hadn't told me it was Coldplay, I wouldn't have thought it was them. They're capable of so much more. It sounds like a throwaway track.


But I wonder if the guys made everything sound so diverse and also pop because they knew they had to get it passed Stargate. Maybe they figured "what the hell", they might as well try things (XMtS)they never would've otherwise while they're being restricted by these gates whom decide what will pass. :thinking: If I was a betting man, I'd bet a lot of money that if Coldplay go into the studio again next year to record the better songs that they rejected, we'll get some fantastic songs. :thumbsup:

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Birds 9.5/10

Up&Up 9/10

AOAL 8.5/10

Everglow 8.5/10

Army of One 8/10

Fun 7.5/10

A Head Full of Dreams 7.5/10

Hymn for the Weekend 6.5/10

Amazing Day 6.5/10

X Marks the Spot 4/10


Although this isnt one of my favorite Coldplay albums, their music is far superior to most other artists. Somehow they give me some of my favorite songs album after album and I love them for that.

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Comming from a guy what likes Princess of china (Its one of coldplays best songs). Tho do not judge me, I became fan in the VLV era. I was a teenager and i hated pop songs. Now i like pop, because i do not care anymore if somethings popular or not. This is not a troll review or whatever. I Dont understand the X marks the spot hate. Really.


Up&Up 10/10

Hymm for the weekend 9/10

Fun 8.5/10

X Marks the spot 8/10

AOAL 8/10

Everglow 7/10

Army of One 7/10

Amazing day 6/10

Birds 6/10

A head full of dreams 5/10


Hymm for the weekend is the highlight of the album with Up&Up.

I dont understand all the hate for X marks the spot. That song is one of the best songs on the album. Experimental, chris martin is right about that song. Its nothing wrong with having a song that does not sound like coldplay. Its mellow. I like it.


Problem with this album is. I expected it to be alot better. It is less collourfull as i thought. I expected a second ASFOS. I didnt have a wow feeling with this album, like i had when i heard Major minus for the first time, Or Charlie browns epic guitar riff. Only Up&Up gave me a wow feeling. And tears.. because its so beautifull.

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On my third listen, so I'm sure things will change eventually.


1. Birds

2. Fun

3. Adventure of a Lifetime

4. Army of One + X Marks The Spot

5. Amazing Day

6. Hymn for the Weekend

7. A Head Full of Dreams

8. Up&Up

9. Everglow

10. Kaleidoscope

11. Colour Spectrum

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