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🪐 Coldplay: Music of the Spheres 🪐 | Out Now! | Discussion


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3 minutes ago, United said:

I do have the link to that Chinese site but how do you listen to the trailer?



2 minutes ago, JustSomeone said:

Could someone let me know where I can find / get the snippets? I tried to access them via that website, but without success.

I think that link has been taken down by now

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1 minute ago, United said:

I didn't ask for the links.

It was a livestream. At some point it stopped before being taken down I assume. Therefore when you clicked on the link, you must have arrived after it was already finished/unavailable. Play button had disappeared.

We do not give recommendation on how to access any illegal content on the forums thread, whether that's a link or a tutorial on how to play/access the illegal content. :blush:

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Alright, I've been gone for a few days but I did get to hear the snippets.

Some of it sounds exactly like the kind of stuff I don't want to hear from Coldplay because it's too similar to the AHFOD and Ghost Stories sound. But there's some cool stuff, too. And these are just little snippets, not full songs.

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1 hour ago, CP-EST said:

Quilty of listening the leaked trailer. Sounds quite eclectic, I have to say. Difficult to judge everything, because some clips are so short and not revealing much. Based on that, I wouldn't say it's Everyday Life's pop sister. It's more like a weird, outrageous and experimental step-brother. ?

Last song sounds very sweet and soothing. I guess this is the one Chris played in some interview few months ago (to the moon and back)

The last track does sound like a sequel of sorts to Everyday Life (the song). We know Human Heart is a bit like When I Need A Friend. I'm sure you're not wrong about MOTS being Everyday Life's pop sister.

Also, I swear that's the Cry Cry Cry voice in one of the clips.

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Really really hyped by those snippets !

It feels like they’ve finally returned to the insane quality of production that they deserve !


(Don’t know how to do this)

To be honest I think that My Universe is the track after MOTS Reprise / Interlude 2 / whatever it’s called. Compared to the 6 excerpts we have  so far, chords are the same, BPM and drum pattern also, and the intro seems to fit the end of the previous track.

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  • Captain Crieff changed the title to Coldplay LP9 Rumours | Music of the Spheres | Vol. 1 released 15 October 2021
  • Captain Crieff changed the title to 🪐 Coldplay: Music of the Spheres 🪐 | Out Now! | Discussion

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