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🪐 Coldplay: Music of the Spheres 🪐 | Out Now! | Discussion


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5 hours ago, CP-EST said:

Well, it's all subjective how to structure their career, but your view is quite on point, when looking into their sonic evolution.

There is one interesting pattern with their album covers so far. It's a rhythm of one having bright colours and next one having more laid back and pastel colour design. I don't know if it's intentional, but it kind of reflects in the music of respective albums as well somehow.

Looking into future, I agree we might have musically chaotic future ahead of us. Also on the other hand it might not be that chaotic, because they seem to have developed their musical palate close to their maximum potential already.

The facts are:

  • there will be musical, which hopefully will have animated movie to it. I don't think it will be that crazy sonically, maybe some cinematic, atmospheric orchestral sound.
  • we are getting album called Coldplay, which will have more acoustic, piano&guitar sound. "Back to basics" like Chris said.

With these LP-s I don't see them using any extravagant production tricks, just what they have done already. But we also know there is going to be in total 12 albums, so in my opinion there just one LP, which has potential for further sonic development of Coldplay. I would say that a little bit depends on what they actually do with this MOTS concept - do they stick to it or have some more concepts before the final album. I'm really not sure if this MOTS concept has enough depth to carry through 3 volumes. I would be a bit disappointed if that's all they can think of until the final album, but I'm happy to be proven wrong with some amazing MOTS volumes.

So I see three potential scenarios:

  1. MOTS having just an EP companion soon. A few additional songs to freshen up MOTS tour. And then we have LP10 & LP11, which are not MOTS related, but one of these is musical and one is something interesting...  or maybe it's just a collection of reworked songs and finished old ideas. And then LP12 - Coldplay.
  2. MOTS indeed has two more full LP volumes, with vol 2 sonically a development of vol1 and vol 3 being musical. LP10 - MOTS vol 2, LP11 - MOTS vol3, LP12 - Coldplay.
  3. Just like the second scenario, except MOTS has just one more volume and musical is not part of MOTS.



100% I believe one of your three scenarios are likely. It'd be really disappointg if they didn't fulfill the "A Musical Journey in Three Parts" Higher Power video promise, but then again, the other parts like you said could be EP's or reworks of older songs. 

The musical is probably the funnest thing to speculate about at this point. I think Coldplay is at their best when they really lean into a concept and don't let their fanciful ideas start mucking up the pacing or sonic consistency of their albums. MOTS is a cool concept, but they kind of interpreted "planets" as being things of their own, unreleated to the others. A musical has to tell a consistent story, so I'm excited to see that framework. 

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2 hours ago, lennyrott1 said:

MOTS is a cool concept, but they kind of interpreted "planets" as being things of their own, unreleated to the others. 

I completely agree, it felt like switching from various television channels to me. Each song was very different from each other.

The Coldplay musical excites me; in my youth I had fond memories of watching The Beatles Yellow Submarine DVD with my Dad. If its anything like that or Interstella 5555: The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem ...I'll be happy.

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On 4/8/2022 at 12:44 AM, IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 said:

And the band have been recording during tour! Definitely getting new stuff soon!

Yes! That's amazing news, can't wait to hear what their new stuff is going to sound like. :happy2:

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10 hours ago, IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 said:

Humankind MV in a few weeks?

Well, we have to wait and see.

Everyone heard of the Coldplay drama in Mexico with the recordings of the Humankind music video? So far, ColdplayMex have deactivated their Twitter account which says enough imo.

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Hello all,


First off, really sorry to potentially derail this thread, but I wasn't sure where exactly to put it, and thought since it was, at the very least, tangentially related to MotS, that I'd ask it here.


Has anyone seen any pics of what the tour merchandise looks like? I generally like to buy at least one tour t-shirt and was hoping to get an idea of what designs are out there. My wife and I will be attending the May 6th show in Dallas.

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