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I don't understand, there is going to be a whole concert on tv ? Like seriously ? Or it's just the advertisement for the album?


Good evening. Next month, TV networks around the world will screen Coldplay : Ghost Stories, a ground-breaking prime-time special based on the band's forthcoming album. You can watch the trailer above.


Filmed by Grammy-nominated director Paul Dugdale (Adele, Rolling Stones), Coldplay: Ghost Stories was recorded in a custom-built amphitheatre in front of an audience of 800 fans. The show blends a unique in-the-round performance from the band with cinematic vignettes and immersive 360-degree projections.




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Does anyone know where the intro scene is? And is that the GS artwork on the wall (hard to tell, but I can kinda make out the wings)?
It looks like the doors to the sound stage at Sony where the concert was filmed. As far as I could see they didn't have that artwork up on the doors though when the actual concert was filmed (at least not for the one on Friday).
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Exciting. And 7pm is a good time on Sundays.

I also read that the tv concert will be 1 hour long and will feature new songs and vignettes like the water scene.

This is going to be amazing and the album will be available few hours later. Hopefully people who watch the concert will be motivated to pick up a copy of the album during the week.

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