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Yeah, good call. Hadn't thought of that.   The bridge is the part that seals it for me. They're just so similar.

Hmm. Mixed feels. Liking that Jonny guitar. But why the electronic drums? I thought we were passed this. :shame: Also does anyone know where I can find that long list of songs Coldplay were considering for MX?


It may sound like electronic drums. But that distinct sound is a bass drum and Will hitting the metal side of the snare with his sticks to get that effect.. I have no doubt.

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Guest diogo_sg
The drums aren't electronic but it does have that GS vibe to it.

I feel that too. It quite reminds me of AIMH.

I'm just so happy to hear Will's drums, Jonny's guitar and Chris's piano on the BG again. And I hope Guy's bass lines are more prominent in this album.

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