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Champion Of The World - Sunset


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Towards the end of "Bani Adam" and at the begining of this song we hear a sample of a song called "Otuto Nke Chukwu" (Translates to "Glory to God") by an old nigerian artist called "Harcourt Whyte and Choir" that says:

Gi nwa nke chukwu, gini ka ina ekwu N' ihi ihe nile nke chukwu mere.

Translates from the igbo (Nigerian language):

Dear son of God, what do you mean by all that God has created?

So I guess there's a lot of nigerian music elements in this new record.

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So I...heard about Frightened Rabbit after the tragedy, but never listened to them or Owl John side project until after I heard of this influence omg...so tragic, so beautiful, such a call for help, such blatant ideation. My heart is breaking. Now I get why Chris said if it went the other way... :sob:

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It's grown to be one of my absolute favs of the album! A perfect Coldplay song that really lets the band shine and the lyrics are Chris' best work in a very long time imo.

I am so, so grateful for this song, it feels like an anthem for all the misfits, and to an extent, for Coldplay and their fans.... Coldplay have taken so much shit during their career, and by extension so have we.... It feels like this is for everyone who struggles, everyone who's rejected, a hymn to never give up and to be yourself.

And Will sounds SO good!!!!

I really hope they will consider playing it on future tours. It would be such a great moment.

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Sometimes in life I feel like Cassandra if Greek mythology...I can see what's coming, and even try to do all I can to avoid it but I can't stop it. This is how I think Chris feels in this song but...instead of utterly defeated he picks himself off and keeps going.

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the video above is the official video of 'Champion of the World' , but what is this? :


I think I saw that on the official Coldplay YouTube channel... hold on


View: https://www.facebook.com/coldplay/videos/coldplay-champion-of-the-world-lyric-video/340413543540551/



^^^ Above is the official source to that video.




Nevermind; I just checked out the video merril (I was confused by the other one I saw).

I think it is a fan-made video that that individual got permission to use the rights to the song?
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How silly of me, I got all caught up in the other thing I was doing that I nearly forgot to post my thoughts on this song.

``Champion of the World`` is my favorite on this album. It truly took me back two years ago in 2017 when I got super excited for the debut of Coldplay's ``Alien`` song on YouTube. I managed to fetch a screenshot of it.. took me forever because it doesn't have a 'older posts first' feature.




I recall being fairly early after `Aliens` launched on YouTube and going into detail with how I felt about everything about the song.

Bit by bit pointing out time-stamps and gushed about their reference to Steven Spielberg's E.T. film. I was acting very, very goofy in my post; Child-like in fact.


Now (2020) It brings me great joy listening to `Champion of the World` because it many ways I felt like the band noticed me. It's probably not the case, I'm confient they in general love relating to space in their songs (we've seen it plenty of times before) and I'm sure they adore Steven Spielberg and his `E.T.` film just as much as I -and many do. I just can't help but wonder if they lurk through the comment section and get tips or ideas for future projects.



On the song on it's own merits, cannot help but relate to what it stands for.. been bullied in my youth and I used my art as an escape, I wrote a sci-fi comic-strip (not ever published) with my sister when we were like 7 or so. These tunes truly lift my spirit and think of the good old days. Now I'm a wife and mother trying to make it like everyone else. Can't wait to expose my daughter to this tune when she's older; it makes me smile so hard that my cheeks hurt. Bless you Coldplay.

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There are a few songs that I have to listen when I'm not in the right mood, when something in my life is going as I don't prefer. Champion of the world is one of that short list.

Honestly I don't know why I love so much this song, maybe because it's just amazing.
I'm in love with the lyrics, but the rhytm and the musical notes get me in goosebumps.

I'll listen this song lifetime.

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