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A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

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Hmmm yeah the sadly had me worried. But why would being almost done with it be sad? Unless exactly as stated above, he has had so much fun working on it, that he doesn't want it to end. That's what I hope anyway. At this point I am not expecting anything for at least a few more months. Maybe a trailer in late Feb/early March and a release in April or May? Idk, but I am glad to have some sort of update, even if it's really vague.

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I'm little confused to be honest, first he said they are working on this "release" by day / night and we have something to look forward to, then he said he doesn't know if this movie will be even releasing.


of course he doesn't say more about the release when he is bound by promise of secrecy ... why would Chris say last summer that they are doing the live album? why would they ever record + cut concerts and backstage interviews for months?


if there's live album album that's good to release, it's definitely this live album ... well, this tour was their biggest tour ever - so if they don't make this live album, I don't know then :)

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Coldplay: We have this song called Kaleidoscope, it's got Obama in it.

Fans: Oooh sounds nice

Coldplay: We have a new EP called Kaleidoscope!

Fans: Woohoo sounds awesome

Coldplay: Our live DVD will have our live shows that you can watch through rotating kaleidoscopes!

Fans: Maybe that kaleidoscope thing was a bad idea...

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Think oh my god, he can't say more information about the release!


20.11.2017 - Mat says: we're editing from next week, so watch this space ...

11.12.2017 - Mat says: don't worry, we're hard at work. It'll be out soon, as it is ready.

28.12.2017 - Mat says: no news, not for a little while yet, sorry

25.12.2017 - Rik Simpson says: I can't really comment on releases but some amazing stuff coming up, the AHFOD shows were exemplary, such a pleasure to mix. Watch this space

16.1.2018 - Mat says: No news I'm afraid except we're working night and day on it...

29.1.2018 - Mat says: I have to be honest we haven't spoken at all about what will happen with the film once it's finished. That's up to the band

29.1.2018 - Mat says: no we're still editing - on final cut, but I think probably for the last time sadly

30.1.2018 - Mat says: wish I could say more, but don't think there are any fixed plans for the release yet

1.2.2018 - Mat says: good question - we're not that far down the road yet I'm afraid


so what does it mean? he is very kind and answer us in these 8 questions that he doen't know anything, he has no news for us and can't say us more! :D


I personally think it should come out in Q1 2018 - they never released a live album later than 2 months after the tour, now it's 2.5 months after the tour and we still haven't received any information about the release


give them time, but hopefully it will come out at latest in April

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