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Ever have a dream about Coldplay?


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hey hey hey, i am also an [aspiring] filmmaker. :blush: if you might need any help, say with editing or something, i would be glad to lend a hand. :awesome:


Waaaaait a minute. So, not only are you a Coldplay fan, a House fan (I'm assuming from your icon), but also a filmmaker. That's like, 1000 awesome points right there! Haha.

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i am also a nerdfighter and Harry Potter fan, if that gives me more points... :P


Haha, I think it does. I am not a nerdfighter myself, but I have been introduced to the Vlog Bros. by a friend of mine who is a nerdfighter, so I may start watching their videos soon. As for Harry Potter, I'm a fan of the movies, but I've only read the first book, and that was years ago. I didn't continue not because it wasn't good, just because that was around the same time I stopped reading a lot.

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Unless you haven't had a dream including Will Champion at least shirtless or hugging you/smiling, no, you don't have any idea what the best dream ever means. Sorry.

Useless topic.



I better don't write about Coldplay related dreams I have *cough*

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had a dream last night that coldplay released a few more songs it was brilliant! there was Car kids, rex, tomorrow, but most of all wedding bells ! is souded perfect:D


said here :



I actually think Car Kids was the first name for Charlie Brown as there are various signs ('I took a car downtown where the lost boys meet,...all the boys all the girls").


I could be wrong but I don't think so! Maybe there will be a song that will be more suited to the 'Car Kids' theme.


but I think is part of Charlie Brown, from Peanus. Car kids



but Coldplay said that the main story of the album is Princess of China. story that makes the whole album.


So I do not know the history between Princess of China song and Charlie Brown song . but apparently the story of the album is the story of Children German confronted with Nazism


the drawing Peanus began after the war too.


Mylo Xyloto is a concept album. According to Chris Martin, the album is "based on a love story with a happy ending," in which two protagonists living in an oppressive, dystopian urban environment meet one another through a gang, and fall in love. Lyrically, the album is inspired by "old school American graffiti" and "the White Rose Movement." Martin also said that the album was influenced by HBO TV series The Wire.[13] Coldplay have stated on several occasions that they want their next studio album to be "more acoustic" and "more intimate" than its predecessor, 2008's Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.


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yes my dreams is terrifying too and Guy is terrifying even in real life ? :thinking:


I'll be honest with the distant past. I just dreamed of Guy after this story is written by a strange man Guy that I left comment the photo



quote of picture




my friend speak alone on wall picture because a alien going with ufo


I woke up :uhoh:

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LoL...I dreamed about Coldplay so many times...two times that they played at our school, one time they played in a strange place, one time they played in the church in our city (in the same dream, after the concert my little brother slammed into the church wall, with very high speed. He kind of 'exploded' and his pieces went all over the place). And I believe Chis came over at my house..or was it Tom Chaplin? Don't remember :P

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Oh, strange your dream makes me think Perfect Symmetry and clip vs apparatjik......... :stunned:


So me it's like a tractor slammed me and made me fell to the ground.


my dreams was like lot about this war of two men after So stay with other alien ET :confused:



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWMY-mlE5Q0&feature=related]version 1[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRYYktQ_lLQ&feature=channel_video_title]version 2[/ame]



but is past is all men crazy killers

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