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PoC video


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It applys for the whole album, it's a concept album so, yeah....chris dressed as a bad boy and rihanna as a punk girl would do it really well


If one feature concerns only one of the songs of a concept album, I think it can still be considered as a tight and cohesive concept album.


I think 'oppressive Orwellian world' would be a feature of Major Minus and not Princess of China. But that's just my interpretation :)


Who knows what the 'warriors' ior whatever in the photos are up to? It's just some pictures taken outside of the set (though yes they look quite scary).

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I really want to see this now that I've seen the ninjas. I can't even imagine what it will be like. Very curious indeed!:lol:


I liked what they did with Paradise. Remember we all thought that model was gonna be in it, but it turned out to be really great and funny? From the look of these pictures I think this could be the same!

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Slutty as in a female that sleeps with a whole bunch of guys slutty? Not sure how you gather that kind of info from a face picture


Thank you. It's always bugged me to no end when people start throwing that word around to describe a woman based solely on how she's dressed. Heck, I don't like that word, period, no matter what the woman's wearing/doing/saying.


Oh, my dear lord, those latest pictures :laugh3:! Man, I can't even begin to imagine how this is going to all come together. This could be highly, highly entertaining and weird as hell.

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