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A Sky Full Of Stars!! (Out now - See first post)

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At first I was gonna say "It sounds just like every other single EDM song you hear on the radio" but it gets better towards the end because of those cool melodies. It's better than I thought it was gonna be a couple of days ago.

But still not as good as everybody was saying during the first Sony concerts.


It's gonna be amazing live.

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I love the song, but I don't understand why this is the song that everybody from the studio session was raving about- from the snippet we've heard, O sounds like the best song on the album. Even Oceans is absolutely stunning, but nobody seemed to mention them

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Eeh... it's ok. It's not bad but... I don't get all the hype this song was getting.

At least it's better than the para-para-paradise or the wa-wa-waterfal.


Maybe it comes across better live? :shrug:

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Guest kmm1482

Nope. Does nothing for me. To me, it sounds like everything else on the radio just featuring Chris on vocals.



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I remember during the Viva-era I was so glad they didn't go down the synth/electro-road like others (for example Keane - Perfect Symmetry) but were doing the complete opposite

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