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Adventure Of A Lifetime


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It's sad if these are the reasons why they make music nowadays.


I don't get what's wrong with making music to make people feel happy. It is as noble as it is make music to confort people or to sing about how hard life can be and it has nothing to do with the quality of the song or the album.

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Ive listened to this somg so many times over the past 20 hours that I feel I need to take a break for a day so I can fully appreciate the song again haha!


I had been playing the song over and over again on Friday and my brain was so tired of all the info, the song, all the reviews & opinions,...

On the end I didn't know what to think of it anymore.


Yesterday I was out for almost the whole day and it was just before the NRJ show that I put it back on.

It instantly made me smile and happy. It gives me energy. :)

Then I heard it live again and now I really like the song.


Yeah, it is different from every Coldplay song that I like but that isn't bothering me anymore.


After reading the French interview I understand what's the idea behind the song & the album. And that is a wonderful idea.

Can't wait for 4 december to hear the rest. :)

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Can anyone tell me what they are singing at the beginning and later in and out? What language / dialect is it? Also, what instrument makes the high-pitched happy meandering sound that is the heart of the song?


That's been intriguing me too!


I tried to decipher it by making a OOPS version.


That didn't really help but I have discoverd some interesting noices in that version. :)




I have moved the download link for the OOPS version to the thread "OOPS mixes and hidden sounds in songs" in the Multimedia section.

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Love this so much.


The funky dance sound is so nice here and we must not confuse this with standard pop songs. It's not even close.


And I adore parts of amazing day also. So so beautiful at times.


Two questions. 1.What does the voice say during the chorus? 2. It seems to me, they are going for a high, high quality poppy album here, rather than a conceptual one. I'm dreaming of all the tracks being equally amazing. Your thoughts?


BTW, huge props to coldplaying. You guys always spark my interest with your facebook contributions and this forum. This way I'll never forget how much coldplay understand music.

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Sounds like an electric guitar to me :surprised:


I believe they are referring to the noise after the incomprehensible chants. I have no idea what that is.. At one point, I thought it was one of the band members voices pitched really high. Then I thought it was an Er hu or a cheeky Davide Rossi violin.

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-If they try something different (pop)

*this is not the Coldplay I know. Coldplay is artistically dead*

-If they do something which isn't pop

*this is so boring and repetitive*

In short, they can never satisfy us all.

What makes me sad is the amount of hate these 'true fans' are spreading. What were you guys expecting? 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?

This is not lyrically good, the band is pop now, they are not rock anymore..... Aah c'mon. As if you have heard the whole album.

The band who gave us 50+ songs to love gives us one pop song for the general and casual listener to enjoy and we start losing our minds. Keep in mind that this could be a great commercial succes which could in turn be an excellent boost to the album sales.

If you don't like it. Don't listen to it.

By spreading hate you're nothing but influencing people to have a bad mindset about the song already.

Rather than criticizing the band for releasing a pop (partially pop) song, we should rather feel happy that the band is enjoying themselves and support them.

I know we expect alot from Coldplay.

But we have another 10 songs yet to be heard, so everybody just calm down and stop making a big fuss about it.

Just for once forget what Coldplay were and what Coldplay might be.

Why not enjoy what Coldplay are right now?

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Have to admit, after hearing the NRJ performance in good quality, i'm liking the NRJ live version now way more than studio version. For me they mixed the guitar a bit too loud in studio version. Of course depends how you listen, but i used different options and in all of them i feel like guitar is too much into face.


And also...

maybe studio version is too long :D

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