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Adventure Of A Lifetime


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I really would like to hear an official remix of AOAL.

That distorded guitar between 2.35 and 2.45 that sounds like a meowing cat is fabolous...and it think it would be a great sample for a remix.


How the frick does that sound like a cat?! :laugh3:

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Do you mean the background vocals ? They are annoying as hell, but in all fairness to India they are not Hindi but rather vocal samples by Chris that have been botchered by Stargate.


They sound Hinduish, no offence of course. I really don't like the loop usage on this album, they are annoying. I am looking at you, Army of One, you annoying sh.t.

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Am I the only who is annoyed by the Hindu loop?


And regarding this, am I the only one who absolutely thinks the live BBC 1 version is 10 times better for this reason? I wish it sounded like that on the album.

I don't find it annoying, but I do think the BBC1 version is great...especially since Chris is playing the piano which adds back a nice texture (there's some quite piano on the album version).

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Guest kmm1482
I hate it too, but the "Do it - do it -do do dooo - do it do it" on Army of One is the most annoying of them all.

I've remedied this by never ever listening to the song [emoji5]️

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