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LP8 Thread - Everyday Life


[GUESS] When will the next LP be released?  

244 members have voted

  1. 1. [GUESS] When will the next LP be released?

    • Earlier...
    • 1st half of 2020
    • 2nd half of 2020
    • 1st half of 2021
    • 2nd half of 2021
    • Later...

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Anyone noticed this? (saw the link on discord)


[ATTACH type=full" alt="9403]9403[/ATTACH]



View: https://www.amazon.ca/Everyday-Life-Vinyl-Coldplay/dp/B07YTD3CQL/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=coldplay+everyday&qid=1571714713&sr=8-1

What’s up with the Arabic? Doesn’t fit with what we know so far. Lol.


And I was kinda hoping that the moon and sun design on the Coldplay website would be the album cover. :(

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More details from the Amazon page, does seem like 2 discs in this package instead of the theory of one November 22 (also confirmed in the page) and another 2020.

Yeah. I think everyone kinda knows it’s gonna be double cd instead of two separate ones.

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So now we have the album cover and all song titles! :)

Except for that dang blank one! Plus what the acronyms stand for. I recall the fans guessed DLIBYH in a similar circumstance so that's a good sign.


I wish the album cover wasn't mirrored tbh. It reminds me too much of lp7, and I wish it was more distinct if it didn't copy that effect

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We already saw it on the poster and letter, so not sure how it's surprising to you?

Because it doesn’t fit with the poster and the snippet.


And I’ve also asked the same question about the Arabic on the poster. Cause it just doesn’t fit with with what we have so far.

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Champion of the World? *prays for Will to sing lead vocals*


These are some... odd song titles, even for the band that named a song Chinese Sleep Chant. Lots of really short, one word titles, too. Church, Trouble In Town, Orphans, and Guns all seem like something off of Viva.

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