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LP8 Thread - Everyday Life


[GUESS] When will the next LP be released?  

244 members have voted

  1. 1. [GUESS] When will the next LP be released?

    • Earlier...
    • 1st half of 2020
    • 2nd half of 2020
    • 1st half of 2021
    • 2nd half of 2021
    • Later...

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As someone who has the original video, they have edited it in such a way to not include the track name. It is not monkey's paw and I can't disclose the actual name of the song he confirmed. This video is supposed to be private lol

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Hey guys! Does anyone else notice they have been editing a few of their music videos on YouTube to be black and white? Like yellow, paradise, up&up, etc.....wonder what it means??


Wow - have they? I have also noticed they've changed the landing page of coldplay.com :p

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Well now that I'm properly awake and able to process all these information, my two cents:


- A double album is a wonderful surprise. I honestly thought we'll get something like GS and AHFOD or maybe a part 1 part 2 album like Foals did. But two albums in one go? Bloody marvellous.

- Hate the title. Should have just gone with the moon and sun symbols as the album name. With all the effort they are going through with the promo, the title is just lame in comparison.

- I can't wait to see how the packaging for the CD and vinyl will look like. Sorry. I'm a sucker for good packaging.

- I'm hoping the light/sunrise part of the album will follow VLV sound and the dark/sunset side will be more Politik or AROBTTH. Really really hoping it won't be too pop sounding. Really want them to go experimental.

- Can't imagine how this tour will look like!

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Stephen, can you confirm that the whole tracklist that was published some days ago is fake...

Or only some part of it is fake?

My guess is that the song Dushku mentioned to Chris was perhaps One Way Train...

I haven't seen the tracklist in a few days but from my understanding it is 100% fake

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The old owner got in trouble before AHFOD was released so I am sticking by all the guidelines lol


May I bring you some popcorn to let you enjoy the "fun time" a little bit more? :p Actually I have been in your position once in another community (non-Coldplay related stuff) so I know this is quite enjoyable and annoying at once haha

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