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Everyday Life Leak Discussion [SPOILERS INSIDE]


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Through with one listen right now, so here is a super quick review.


My absolute favourite track is Champion of the World. A gift to Oldplayers !


Other favs: Trouble in Town, Daddy, Sunrise, Arabesque, Everyday Life


Good but not outstanding songs: Eko, Old Friends, Guns (preview was great but the chorus is really strange)


Not so favs: Church (Stargate ?), BrokEn (glad it was short), When I Need a Friend, Orphans, Cry, Cry, Cry, Bani Adam, WOTW/POTP (sounds like no effort was put into this)


No opinion: the interlude between the two halves :D


Will definitely rank after the first three + Viva for me. Some of the songs very oustanding, with some was a bit underwhelmed. Vocals not always good. Little to no Jonny :(

But very diverse, very unexpected in parts.

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First listen done, too early to give a clear review but what I'm sure of is that this is definitely the most interesting release since Viva. The short songs are cool/interesting/not so-Coldplay enough to be more than fillers we will forget.


I don't think there is a single bad song in it, I agree with BrokEN being too American but I can do with it. At least it's different, I'm just happy to see Coldplay going out of their comfort zone! Will need more listens for some songs though (as I Ran Away said you can clearly hear what song has been produced by Stargate :/ ).


Favorites at first sight: Champion of the World (!!!), Daddy, Trouble in Town, Arabesque, Eko, Old Friends.

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