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  • Hey I'm sorry for taking awhile to reply!
    The Scientist and Warning Sign are so incredibly moving and emotional live...and OMG I so agree--ETIAW is just absolutely AMAZING at the end!! :dance: It made me love that song more than ever!! :loveshower: I'm very excited about the Live 2012 film...is there going to a be showing in a cinema near you?
    OMG guess what?!?!?!?! I'M GOING TO SEE MUSE!! They announced shows near me and though it was tough, I did whatever it took and now I have tickets being sent to me in the mail!! :bliss: I couldn't possibly be happier. :heart: Speaking of Muse, what do you think of The 2nd Law? :wideeyed:
    You're so right. I miss the old videos too.. I feel so old when I see the video for HLH. And I'm not old. :shame:
    I wonder how their next album will be.. I mean, MX is very pop and mainstram, and so different. I hope the next isn't like that.
    Thanks. :nice:
    My holidays started last friday, so I'm really off my holidays next monday. :shame: But that sounds great. Have a nice holiday. :nice:
    To be honest I think it's rather cheesy. It's not really my style. What do you think?
    I haven't really had any time to be excited about live 2012.. Maybe I'll be excited when it's out? Or when I have more time? :cheesy:
    Niiice. :wacky:

    I once made the viva jacket, and SS shoes. :wacky:
    You need to show me a picture of your jacket when it's done. :cheesy:
    Hey!! :D You don't have to apologize for replying late, I totally understand and I've been busy, too. :nice: I'm really happy to hear from you though! I've missed talking to you. : )
    OMG CONGRATULATIONS on your Coldplay concert!! Isn't it just a truly life-changing experience?!?! :dance: Oh, it's truly unforgettable! I'm so happy you got to see them!! :D Oh nice! Glad you got to get a Coldplay shirt! Aren't they so lovely? :laugh3: So tell me all about your show!! Oh and I adore your new avatar, btw! Is it a photo from your concert?? :D :D
    I'm really pleased that you didn't linked me 99 Luftballons.. My old german teacher used to play it a lot. :lol:
    Hi, sorry for my late answar, and thank you for the songs, I'll listen to them when I get home from school.

    I'm glad you had a great time in Denmark. :nice: Most people in Copenhagen are well dressed, but they're not always that where I live. :lol:
    (I live five hours, with train, from our capital. :/ )
    I need to go now, I gotta catch the bus to school. See you. :cheesy:
    That sounds cool. :awesome: I have actually never been on a hard rock cafe. :surprised:
    Yes, I'd love to know. :cheesy: How are the Danes? :lol:
    You saw them yesterday? I envy you. I already miss seeing them..

    By the way, do you know any good German songs? I have started to have German again, but I really suck at it. :shame:
    Oh hi! I was wondering where you were. :cheesy: How are you?
    I'm glad to hear about that. Coldplay are amazing live. :awesome: How was Copenhagen? Did you see anything special? :wacky:
    My concert was amazing! I came to the stadium at nine at the morning, and waited all day, and I GOT IN FRONT! My brain crashed cause I was freaking in front! Awww, man I love Coldplay. :heart:
    I would have loved to see them in London. :dazzled:
    I know my friend Olivia saw them play there. I envy her. :wacko:
    The shops in London are so cool! I was in Primark, and there was some very cute things. I also loved a store called Fancy That London and their street markets. :wacky:
    The things on the street markets are very cheap, and there are many different things. I bought a dress and some cute bird earrings there.
    Oh man, that's a great song. I miss R.E.M. It would have been amazing to see them live. :heart:
    I'm sorry for my late answar, but I have been in Spain with my family and got home this Monday.
    And the moment I'm really into this song. It's beautiful. :dazzled:
    Oh that's cool! I made an album on facebook of pictures from my show, but they're all pictures I found on the internet from it. But I just felt that even though I wasn't able to take many myself, what other people took are plenty great because they're still from my show! But I'm actually wanting to do the same thing as you! I want to take my current avatar, and a few other pictures in that album from my show, to make posters! :D My room is already filled with Coldplay stuff, but it needs more!! :nod: :lol:
    And yeah, I got a really beautiful t-shirt, and then I ordered two more off the internet afterwards because they were much cheaper, but so gorgeous too!! Then I got a program from the concert too, which has really cool pictures, interviews & Coldplay stickers! :D And then of course I took my xyloband home and also ended up with my sister's xyloband, so I got to get several souvenirs from my first CP concert experience! :D
    So sorry I'm only just now replying! Been sick with food poisoning lately. :/
    But sure! And yes, they played DLIBYH & Speed of Sound. I ALMOST DIED!! :dead: It was just too perfect. :dazzled:
    I do so hope you get your wishes for Politik & Daylight. :D And yes, they played Princess of China. And yeah, Rihanna was on a screen. To be entirely honest, POC is my least favourite Coldplay song, but it was okay that they played it though, because no matter what they play live is absobloodylutely AMAZING!! Seriously, they could sing ANYTHING and be insanely awesome live!! You have something SO incredible to look forward to seeing them in concert, it will seriously be one of the most amazing experiences of your entire life, I PROMISE!! :D
    I sorta like Green Day. :) They're very catchy. :dance: And I wasn't able to get a lot of good pictures from my concert :(, but my avatar of Chris is a pic from my show!! COOL, huh? :laugh3:
    Yes, I bought some clothes. :wacky:
    A dress, some sucks,leggings and 3 t-shirts. :awesome:
    Oxford street is pretty cool, but it can also be very expensive. I stayed in the cheap part of the street. :lol:
    You should go to London. It's not that expensive. I payed about 1530 DKK for both planetickets and hostel. :nice: The expensive part is when you see all the awesome stuff you can get. :awesome:
    I actually lived on a hostel. :)

    It was so cool. We were like 2 minutes away from Hyde Park, and close to mid London. I came home last night, but I already wanna go again. As soon as possible. :wacky:
    And I saw Chris' viva costume on Albert and Victoria museum, and I saw Oxford Street, (It's a great shopping street. :dazzled:) and we saw The Bakery and The Behieve. :dazzled:

    Do you know this song?
    Happy birthday yesterday! :escaping:

    I love my holidays! I have really need them. I'm going to London this Wednesday, so I may not answar for some days. :nice:
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