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clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009
I had already edited them..
And you didn't have to do that, I had already posted that I would post the updates lists soon

edit: will post them again since they have been removed, thanks a lot :|


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009
Coldplaying - carkids


Chris and Jonny - Texasluvsjonny
Coldplay End of Decade Clearout Sale - Afeather
Coldplayers meet-up in London, Summer 2010 - Tash
FUGPLAY - [email protected]
Live photoblog from Wembley on the 19th (Saturday). [aka Thread of the F5 abusers!] - Miss Mags
LOLdplay: I Can Haz Cake? - [email protected]
PART 1 IS THERE! Ash on their film Slashed: "A lot of people will want to see Chris Martin getting axed to death" - scusi
Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris - Clocks In My Place
Random Coldplay thoughts... - Technicolor Sparks
The Buckland Religion~Official Thread thread - Texasluvsjonny
The Keeper Thread - Megalomania
||The OFFICIAL Coldplay FanFic Thread 2||CUZ WE IZ COOL - coldplayisawesome
~*~ The Official Will Champion Appreciation Thread ~*~ - The Champion
War of the Coldplay songs -
You know you're addicted to Coldplay when... - Fraetes

The World Of Music:
Brandon Flowers Picspam/Flamingo News - Megalomania
Dog Is Dead - starsinheavenalign
Elbow - The Final Track
Interpol - Pink
Mew - Ohemul
MGMT - Destrokk
Mutemath!!!!!!!!!!! - an angel
Radiohead - Prince Myshkin
Regina Spektor - Destrokk
The Chris Wolstenholme Thread - Violet
***The official "Editors" thread*** - The Master
The Kodaline Thread - The Master
The Lady GaGa Appreciation Thread - nick311
The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You - Violet
The Oasis Thread - Acquiesce
The official **KEANE** thread - TanialovesUK

The Lounge:
:ReN: - Christa42
A Thread for the beautiful Lore - Christa42
be the last! - an angel
My Hill! - TraceOddity
The Awesome Random Posting Thread - The Doctor
The Coldplaying Scrapbook - carkids
The Emily Thread - Technicolor Sparks
This thread has the word CAKEHMICH in it, GET OVER IT !! - Miss Mags

Et sted for danske fans - A place for Danish people (and friends) to hang out! - Coldplay
Lebanese Coldplay fans?! - ceader'schild

News & Sports:

Entertainment & Arts:
Doctor Who ???...... - Destrokk


Releases - The Final Track
The Lounge - Megalomania
Lounge Games - Crests

Social groups

Little Apple - purplemonkeyz232
Willuv - Breakfast_of_CHAMPION


How We See The World charity CD - TraceOddity


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

:wacky: - Violet
:blank: - Miss Mags
:escaping: - The Escapist
:escaping2: - The Escapist
:escaping3: - The Escapist
:awesome: - Cascais
:cheesy: - Crests
:wacko: - Megalomania
:nice: - EmmaLouiseSmyth
:charming: - Keddie
:sombrero: - kasaa
:will: - The Champion
:wink: - Zeya
:mudkip: - Ohemul
:dance: - iPsy
:lips: - Imke
:wideeyed: - nick311
:guy: - nick311
:D - iPsy
:p - iPsy
:bow: - Imke
:whip: - Imke
:kiss: - Imke
:sneaky: - Technicolor Sparks
:wink3: - Technicolor Sparks
:chris: - Technicolor Sparks
:) - yeahhright
:drunk: - Carla
:dizzy2: - Carla
:mellow: - Empily
:socks: - Coldplay
:curtain: - Afeather
:mad: - The Final Track
:jbcm: - RachieSound
:jonny: - RachieSound
:vuvuzela: - The Final Track
:uhoh: - carkids
:rolleyes: - carkids
:blush: - carkids
:drunkjoe: - Christa42
:dead: - SarahSchimidt
:freak: - SarahSchimidt
:earmuffs: - Tash
:husky: - Imke
:huskyhug: - Imke
:botoxlips: - Imke
:dazzled: - [email protected]
:elephant: - [email protected]
:laugh3: - Rabbit
:lol: - Clocks In My Place
:inquisitive: - LiquidSky
:chinese: - LiquidSky

Psychadelic mood - The Final Track
Love mood - ellendianelopo


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

42 - The Final Track
A Hopeful Transmission - ilovechriss
A Message - coldplayisawesome
A Message 2010 - Yggdrasil
A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Pink
A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Live 2003 version) - djibou
A Sky Full Of Stars - Tash
A Whisper - Megalomania
Always In My Head - Tash
Amsterdam - NumbersGirl
Amsterdam (Live 2003 version) - LilyC
Animals - BerrymanGirl1
Atlas - busybeeburns
Bloodless Revolution - coldplay_are_forever
Cemeteries Of London - QuestionsOfScience
Charlie Brown - [email protected]
Charlie Brown (04/06/2011 version) - SarahSchimidt
Charlie Brown (25/06/2011 version) - The Final Track
Charlie Brown (02/07/2011 version) - The Doctor
Chinese Sleep Chant - oONodokaOo
Christmas Lights - Tash
Clocks - Clocks In My Place
Clocks (25/06/2011 version) - OnTwoThree
Cornflake Door song - carkids
Crest Of Waves - marie/pims
Daylight - Raphaele
Daylight (Live 2003 version) - ellendianelopo
Death And All His Friends (26/02/2010 version) - laga
Death And All His Friends/The Escapist - The Escapist
Death And All His Friends/The Escapist (live version) - The Escapist
Death Will Never Conquer - JasperCldplyfan
Death Will Never Conquer (Will singing version) - The Champion
Don Quixote - Tash
Don't Let It Break Your Heart - Tash
Don't Panic - The Final Track
Don't Panic (28/06/2002 version) - vivalafrida
Don't Panic (Toronto 2006 version) - laga
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - MyFavouriteMemory
Everything's Not Lost - squibby92
Fix You - Miss Mags
For You - Coldplay
Glass Of Water - Technicolor Sparks
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - busybeeburns
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version) - yeahhright
Goodbye And Goodnight - 86Timewarp
Gravity - JillyBlue
Green Eyes - IHeardYouSing
Helping with your homework song - 2GreenEyes
High Speed - .:VivaLaVida:.
How You See The World - Violet
How You See The World (Toronto 2006 version) - ellendianelopo
How You See The World No.2 - Zeya
Hurts Like Heaven - Alien Radio
I Bloom Blaum - Zeya
I Ran Away - an angel
In My Place - Clocks In My Place
In My Place (Live 2003 version) - JasperCldplyfan
In My Place (02/07/2005 version) - AusKT
In My Place (26/02/2010 version) - laga
In My Place (03/07/2011 version) - Sleep
Ink - BookLover715
Ladder To The Sun - coldplayisawesome
Life In Technicolor ii - Message
Life In Technicolor ii (acoustic version) - vivalafrida
Life Is For Living - LilyC
Life Is For Living (Live 2003 version) - Carla
Lost! - taameen**sparks**
Love In A Lethal Dose - Spider-Man
Lovers In Japan - BerrymanGirl1
Lovers In Japan (acoustic version) - EmmaLouiseSmyth
Lovers In Japan (live at The Bakery version) - EmmaLouiseSmyth
Low - ellendianelopo
Magic - WeddingDom
Major Minus - [email protected]
Moses - Zeya
Moses (Live 2003 version) - Christa42
Moving To Mars - The Champion
Murder - James.
No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground - coldplayisawesome
Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground - taameen**sparks**
O - Tash
Oceans - BookLover715
Ode To Deodorant - Viki
One I Love (Live 2003 version) - Christa42
Only Superstition - Keddie
Parachutes - RachieSound
Paradise - [email protected]
Politik - Clocks In My Place
Politik (Live 2003 version) - ColdplayingfromKansas
Politik (26/06/2002 version) - scusi
Politik (23/02/2003 version) - tamunia
Poppyfields - Destrokk
Postcards From Far Away - coldplay_are_forever
Princess Of China - WeddingDom
Princess Of China (12/02/2012 version) - WeddingDom
Proof - The Champion
Rainy Day - iPsy
Reign Of Love - oONodokaOo
See You Soon - Tash
See You Soon (Live 2003 version) - Keddie
Shiver - Keddie
Shiver (Live 2003 version) - JasperCldplyfan
Shiver (02/07/ 2011 version) - Tryptophan
Shrimp & Aubergine - iPsy
Sleeping Sun - geekchic
So Sad - SarahSchimidt
Sparks - coldplay_are_forever
Speed Of Sound - MichMoch
Spies - coldplay_are_forever
Square One - melcoldplay
Square One (15/02/2006 version) - Texasluvsjonny
Strawberry Swing - Texasluvsjonny
Strawberry Swing (LRLRL version) - Christa42 and CookyMnstr
Strawberry Swing (19/07/2009 version) - AusKT
Such A Rush - The Doctor
Swallowed In The Sea - Violet
Talk - taameen**sparks**
Talk (techno version) - yeahhright
Talk (08/02/2006 version) - Carla
The Goldrush - geekchic
The Hardest Part (LRLRL version) - Tash
The Nappies - Zeya
The Scientist - Megalomania
The Scientist acoustic Y100 version - Pink
The Scientist (25/06/2005 version) - Technicolor Sparks
The World Turned Upside Down - Coldplay
Things I Don’t Understand - Afeather
'Til Kingdom Come - Technicolor Sparks
'Til Kingdom Come (25/06/2005 version) - Afeather
'Til Kingdom Come (26/10/2011 version) - James.
Trouble - NumbersGirl
Trouble (with Elton John) - toddbluezoo
Trouble (21/07/2009 version) - jenflor
Twisted Logic - HandyAndy136
U.F.O. - Viki
Up In Flames - [email protected]
Up With The Birds - WeddingDom
Us Against The World - Alien Radio
Us Against The World (20/09/2011 version) - Pink
Violet Hill - Violet
Violet Hill (30/01/2009 version) - AusKT
Viva La Vida - Hysteria
Viva La Vida (06/07/2011 version) - Raphaele
Warning Sign - Coldplay
Warning Sign (28/01/2003 version) - HandyAndy136
Wedding Bells - Tash
What If - ellendianelopo
White Shadows - Viki
Yellow - Pai
Yellow (Live 2003 version) - Technicolor Sparks
Yellow (18/06/2008 version) - AusKT
Yes -

A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Texasluvsjonny
Blue Room EP - Fraetes
Ghost Stories - The Master
Live 2003 - BerrymanGirl1
Live 2012 - Tash
LRLRL - The Champion
Mince Spies - Raphaele
Parachutes - The Final Track
Prospekt's March - taameen**sparks**
Safety EP - Fraetes
VLVODAAHF - Technicolor Sparks
VLVODAAHF deluxe edition - BerrymanGirl1
X&Y - The Champion


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009
Parts of songs/covers/collaborations/videos

Parts of songs:
Another’s Arms intro - Tash
Chris' intro of Trouble (Live 2003) - Tryptophan
Clocks piano riff - [email protected]
Death And All His Friends guitar riff - lookhowtheyshine
Fix You guitar riff - 86Timewarp
Guy's Major Minus bassline - SarahSchimidt
Guy's Us Against The World bassline - Tryptophan
Hurts Like Heaven last 70 seconds - macky
Instrumental part at the end of Charlie Brown - Tash
Jonny's Atlas solo - TraceOddity
Jonny playing guitar in Christmas Lights - ellendianelopo
Jonny singing at the end of In My Place (18/12/2011) - The Doctor
Jonny's Daylight background vocals (Live 2003) - Tryptophan
Jonny's Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall riff - arwen88
Jonny's Hurts Like Heaven guitar playing - ellendianelopo
Jonny's Hurts Like Heaven solo - JaykSzarii
Jonny's KROQ Paradise solo - samerater
Jonny's Major Minus bridges (live versions) - Tryptophan
Jonny's Spies intro (2001/2002 live versions) - Tryptophan
Jonny's Violet Hill (acoustic) guitar solo - Viki
Life In Technicolor intro - SarahSchimidt
Lovers In Japan piano part -
Square One intro - Fraetes
Talk guitar riff - djibou
The Hardest Part bassline - djibou
The sighs in Up With The Birds - Blue Nails
Up With The Birds sounds from 1:35 till end - WeddingDom
Viva La Vida string section - [email protected]
What If bassline - BerrymanGirl1
White Shadows guitar riff - djibou
Will's Atlas background vocals - Tash
Will's Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall drumsolo - arwen88
Will's Major Minus drum beats - SarahSchimidt
Yellow intro (Live 2003 "ice cream" version) - Fraetes

Barbie Girl (Aqua cover) - MichMoch
Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue cover) - ceader'schild
Fairytale Of New York (The Pogues cover) - toddbluezoo
Hot In Here (Nelly cover) - 2GreenEyes
Jingle Bells (16/12/2008 version) - darkchoc92
Lips Like Sugar (Echo & the Bunnymen cover) - 2GreenEyes
Live Forever (Oasis cover) - Acquiesce
Oh Oh Den Haag (Harry Klorkestein cover) - Lodder
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding cover) - ilovechriss

Bittersweet Symphony (with Richard Ashcroft) - MartinFan
In The Sun (with Michael Stipe) - arwen88
Nightswimming (with Michael Stipe) - jenflor

Atlas - Tash
Bigger Stronger - Viki
Charlie Brown - [email protected]
Christmas Lights - SarahSchimidt
Christmas Lights (Live from Liverpool) - LilyC
Christmas Lights (Live at Under 1 Roof 2013) - Tash
Don't Panic - The Final Track
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - The Doctor
Fix You - Moses_42
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Fraetes
Homecoming - Viki
Jonny goes Jazz - Viki
Life In Technicolor ii - mrman78
Magic (Sport Relief) - WeddingDom
Paradise - Kroket
Princess Of China - WeddingDom
Strawberry Swing - The Final Track
The Nappies - Zeya
The Scientist - Hysteria
Violet Hill - The Escapist
Viva La Vida (Anton Corbijn version) - [email protected]


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

A Message:
I'm nothing on my own - Jonesey16909

A Rush Of Blood To The Head:
blame it all upon a rush of blood to the head - coldplay_are_forever
honey, all the movements you're starting to make - Lourdes :3
I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war, if you can tell me something worth fighting for - Tryptophan

I know I'm dead on the surface but I'm screaming underneath - ceader'schild
time is on your side, it's on your side now - lookhowtheyshine

Cemeteries Of London:
save the night time for your weeping - taameen**sparks**

Charlie Brown:
we'll be glowing in the dark - vivalafrida

Christmas Lights:
and I'm up here holding on to all those chandeliers of hope - Dany93
light up the fireworks in me - AnnaElisabeth
like some drunken Elvis singing, I go singing out of tune - MichMoch
still waiting for the snow to fall, it doesn't really feel like Christmas at all - MichMoch
up above candles on air flicker - Raphaele

Cornflake Door:
come and eat my house - carkids

Don Quixote:
I heard you never get wet in Spanish rain - carkids

Don't Let It Break Your Heart:
come on baby, don't let it break your heart - ilovechriss

Don't Panic:
we live in a beautiful world - AnnaElisabeth

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall:
as we soar walls, every siren is a symphony, and every tear's a waterfall - Dany93
I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song - Tash
I got my records on - getithom
I'd rather be a comma than a full stop -
I'm on a roll this time, and heaven is in sight - arwen88
so you can hurt, hurt me bad, but still I'll raise the flag - Dany93

Fix You:
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes - Raphaele
if you never try you'll never know, just what you're worth - Dany93
when you try your best but you don't succeed - A Famous Old Painter

Glass Of Water:
stars in heaven align - starsinheavenalign

Hurts Like Heaven:
on a concrete canvas I'll go making my mark - samerater
tonight the streets are ours - JaykSzarii

I Ran Away:
a star arose in my own cage, I stuck in line, and in a cage, just a single star, I sing for - drhouse4b
one, two, three: Will - SarahSchimidt

Ladder To The Sun:
if you want me then you can have me, take me, oh baby grab me -

Life In Technicolor ii:
every road is a ray of light - Spider-Man

in the swirling swimming on - Tash

but give me love over this - jenflor
give me real, don't give me fake - Tryptophan
open up your eyes - MyFavouriteMemory

Princess Of China:
you stole my star - WeddingDom
you're holding in your hands the two halves of my heart - princessofchina:)

Prospekt's March / Poppyfields:
and here I lie on my own in a separate sky - lookhowtheyshine

Speed Of Sound:
if you never try then you'll never know - CamiG73

Square One:
is there anybody out there who, is lost and hurt and lonely too?, are they bleeding all your colours into one?, and then you come undone, as if you've been run through, some catapult had fired you, you wonder if your chance'll ever come, or if you're stuck in square one - Fraetes

Strawberry Swing:
don't you wanna just curve away? - Keddie

Swallowed In The Sea:
ah what good is it to live, with nothing left to give?, forget but not forgive, not loving all you see - Coeurli
I can only blame myself, you can only blame me - Cyan Kat
you belong with me not swallowed in the sea - BerrymanGirl1

The Scientist:
nobody said it was easy - CamiG73
questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart - A Famous Old Painter

bullets fly split the sky, but that's alright sometimes sunlight comes streaming through the holes - Dany93
the wreckage of a universe floats past - taameen**sparks**
it just seems that upstream I keep rowing / still got such a long way to go - BookLover715

Up In Flames:
can't we pour some water on? - Mrk

Up With The Birds:
a simple plot, but I know one day, good things are coming our way - Wedding Dom

We Never Change:
I wanna fly, and never come down - coldplay_are_forever

Wedding Bells:
I always loved you and I always will - ellendianelopo

What If:
how can you know it when you don't even try? - melcoldplay

look at the stars - AnnaElisabeth

do the crouch - TraceOddity
oh don't leave us alone like this from Will, Jonny, Guy and Chris - Tash


And you didn't have to do that, I had already posted that I would post the updates lists soon

edit: will post them again since they have been removed, thanks a lot :|
I don't think you understood. Everything has been updated, so there's no need for that as it's up to date.


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

London 16/01/1998 - BerrymanGirl1
Glastonbury 24/06/2000 - Zeya
Auckland 19/01/2001 - Zeya
Foxboro 26/05/2001 - TraceOddity
Denver 06/06/2003 - Raphaele
Byron Bay 20/07/2003 - LilyC
Glastonbury 25/06/2005 - Longlivelife42
Bologna 15/11/2005 - coldplay_are_forever
Isle of Wight 11/06/2006 - The Champion
London, Live at the BBC 18/06/2008 - TanialovesUK
New York, The Today Show 27/06/2008 - Christa42
Stockholm 17/09/2008 - vivalafrida
Bologna 29/09/2008 - coldplay_are_forever
Rotterdam 03/10/2008 - Tash
Liverpool 07/12/2008 - squibby92
London, Absolute Radio 30/01/2009 - busybeeburns
Tokyo 12/02/2009 - Viki
Sydney 11/03/2009 - Zeya
Sydney, Sound Relief Bushfire Benefit Concert 14/03/2009 - The Escapist
Sydney 14/03/2009 - The Escapist
Singapore 23/03/2009 - Pai
Darien Lake 01/06/2009 - Keddie
Indianapolis 05/06/2009 - geekchic
San Antonio 10/06/2009 - jenflor
Winnipeg 15/06/2009 - Crests
Arras 03/07/2009 - LilyC
Carson 18/07/2009 - Ro-Anshi
Dallas 21/07/2009 - an angel
Houston 22/07/2009 - kjones31
Toronto 30/07/2009 - IHeardYouSing
New Jersey 02/08/2009 -
Mansfield 03/08/2009 - The Final Track
Raleigh 06/08/2009 - time_doesnt_matter
Herning 16/08/2009 - Clocks In My Place
Stockholm 22/08/2009 - Vadette
Udine 31/08/2009 - wisna
Paris 07/09/2009 - Raphaele
Nijmegen 09/09/2009 - Tash
Nijmegen 10/09/2009 - 2GreenEyes
Glasgow 16/09/2009 - QuestionsOfScience
London 18/09/2009 - Hysteria
London 19/09/2009 - Rabbit
Exeter 19/12/2009 - BerrymanGirl1
London, Hope for Haiti 22/01/2010 - Yggdrasil
Buenos Aires 26/02/2010 - fauo_1995
Mexico City 06/03/2010 - TanialovesUK
Mexico City 07/03/2010 - carkids
Sao Paulo 02/03/2010 - SarahSchimidt
Venice 09/06/2011 - Dany93
Landgraaf 11/06/2011 - Tash
Glastonbury 25/06/2011 - The Champion
Gothenburg 28/06/2011 - vivalafrida
Gdynia 30/06/2011 - The Champion
Werchter 02/07/2011 - The Doctor
Arras 03/07/2011 - Tash
Kildare 10/07/2011 - squibby92
Chicago 05/08/2011 - geekchic
Johannesburg 08/10/2011 - Viki
London 09/12/2011 - Tash
Paris 14/12/2011 - arwen88
Rotterdam 17/12/2011 - ilovechriss
Antwerp 18/12/2011 - Kroket
London 01/06/2012 - coldplay_are_forever
London 04/06/2012 - coldplay_are_forever
Montreal 26/07/2012 - Lauch
Paris 02/09/2012 - coldplay_are_forever
London 19/12/2013 - Tash
Austin 11/03/14 - [email protected]
Sport Relief 21/03/14 - WeddingDom
Cologne 25/04/14 - Tash
London 01/07/14 - Tash

Rotterdam 17/12/2011 - ilovechriss
Antwerp 18/12/2011 - The Doctor


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

○ tattoo - wisna
A tattoo - AnnaElisabeth
Accent - BerrymanGirl1
Acoustic Mylo Xyloto guitar - getithom
Adidas shoes - ceader'schild
Ambidextrousness - scusi
Armpits - Comicforce
Attacking paparazzi - Viki
Back - Comicforce
Band drawings - Viki
Barrack To The Future t-shirt - MartinFan
Black/grey hoodie - wisna
Black pants collection - Christa42
Black scarf - scusi
Blue G-shock - Dany93
Borat MTV awards skit - Viki
Bracelets - Pai
Breathing in Warning Sign just before Yes I crawl back into your open arms - tamunia
Bruce Springsteen t-shirt - MartinFan
Butt - Destrokk
Cap collection - taameen**sparks**
Carnation - taameen**sparks**
Climb the ladder dance (AROBTTH tour) - Texasluvsjonny
Chair humping - catastrophic
Chris playing Christmas Lights - Tash
Christmas Lights walkie talkie message - Nattatouille
Comparing himself to Po from Kung Fu Panda - [email protected]
Crown - taameen**sparks**
Curly hair - BerrymanGirl1
Cursing - Zeya
Dancing - Christa42
Dancing in the Midnight video - WeddingDom
Doing the worm on Jimmy Fallon - samerater
Dove Of Peace - Zeya
EADGCC tuned Mylo Xyloto guitar - fooby
Earrings - Tash
Ears - 2GreenEyes
Enthusiasm during the Parachutes launch show - Tryptophan
Equal sign on his hand - CamiG73
Every piece of cutlery he eats out of - Empily
Extras appearance - JillyBlue
Eyebrow raising while singing -
Eyes - TanialovesUK
Falsetto - [email protected]
Feet - LdySpace
Finger tape - Violet
Fingers - ilovechriss
Flaming Lips bag - carkids
Flaming Lips t-shirt - MartinFan
Flexibility during Square One in Oslo on 31/10/2005 - Zeya
Flip-flops - Keddie
Flipping falafels - JackZ
Flower t-shirt - The Master
Geeky black The Nappies glasses - scusi
Glasses - RachieSound
Hairy chest - carkids
Hands - Technicolor Sparks
Harmonica - Technicolor Sparks
High notes - Destrokk
Hosting on Zane Lowe's INMWT on BBC Radio 1 - 2GreenEyes
Hugging Guy during Viva La Vida (19/12/2010) - [email protected]
Hugging Noel Gallagher (19/04/2005) - Acquiesce
Humour - iPsy
Hyperness -
Imitating Justin Timberlake - Jonnyslice.
Injuring him in a paintball session - kjones31
Introducing Will before Death Will Never Conquer (Viva La Vida tour) - LilyC
Jokes - iPsy
Jumping in The South Bank Show - darkchoc92
Laugh - oONodokaOo
Light blue Viva La Vida tour jacket - Clocks In My Place
Lips - Clocks In My Place
Microphone - yeahhright
Moustache - Violet
Musical skills - Destrokk
Mylo Xyloto haircut - [email protected]
Mylo Xyloto piano - Dany93
Neck scar - carkids
On stage suicide - Viki
Painted Viva La Vida tour piano - jenflor
Penis - Cobalt
Personality - Clocks In My Place
Pescetarianism - Viki
Pink t-shirt - IloveChris
Pipe from the Slashed video - Texasluvsjonny
Pleasure trail - Pai
Purple shirt - Keddie
Retainers - Destrokk
Running shoes from the Fix You video - Megalomania
Saying trapezes in ETIAW -
Shaun Of The Dead appearance - iPsy
Shirtless with kitten (Live 2003 tour diary) - Keddie
Shiver video shirt - squibby92
Short hair - Texasluvsjonny
Similarities to House - RachieSound
Singing in the shower (Live 2003) - Destrokk
Singing The Scientist backwards - Crests
Singing voice - Clocks In My Place
Smashing his guitar - MichMoch
Smile - coldplay_are_forever
Sound Relief crowd run - Pink
Speaking Arabic - ceader'schild
Speaking Danish - nancyk58
Speaking Dutch - JasperCldplyfan
Speaking German - BerrymanGirl1
Speaking French - Raphaele
Speaking Italian - Dany93
Speaking Portuguese - SarahSchimidt
Speaking Spanish - carkids
Speaking Swedish - AnnaElisabeth
Speaking voice - Violet
Speeches on stage during concerts - LilyC
SpongeBob shirt - BerrymanGirl1
Stammering - Blue Nails
Stolen trousers - vivalafrida
Striped beanie - Clocks In My Place
Suit worn at performance with Alicia Keys - kjones31
Sweatiness after performing a high-energy song - [email protected]
Talk video jacket - JillyBlue
Teeth gap - Pai
Telling Tim Rice-Oxley to release Gingerbread - TanialovesUK
The Nappies headphone - Zeya
The Office appearance - iPsy
The Simpsons appearance - dontpanic42
‘Til Kingdom Come guitar - Afeather
Toenails - Coldplay
Tweets - SarahSchimidt
Twiglet video - coldplayisawesome
Unicycle - Viki
Vespa - Tash
Viva La Vida t-shirt - aniskywalker
Voice during Princess Of China - WeddingDom
Wetsuit - MichMoch
When his voice kinda cracks into the falsetto notes - Technicolor Sparks
Whirly twirly dance (Twisted Logic tour) - Texasluvsjonny
Wrangler jeep - MichMoch
Yellow G-shock - IloveChris
Yellow video appearance - Christa42
Yellow video jacket - Afeather


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

Accent - Violet
Appearance in The Simpsons - dontpanic42
Area where he just stands and is handsome -
Bass guitar - The Champion
Berryman Antiques - BerrymanGirl1
Black cardigan - melcoldplay
Brown jacket - melcoldplay
Brown shirt - Texasluvsjonny
Calvins - Texasluvsjonny
Cheekbones - AusKT
Class of 78 t-shirt - SarahSchimidt
Converse - geekchic
Cross - yeahhright
Curly hair - Tash
Drumsticks used during Lost - SarahSchimidt
Earrings - Pai
Explanation on the similarities between bass playing and architecture -
Eyes - Violet
Glasses - Keddie
Hands - AusKT
Handsomeness - Technicolor Sparks
Handwriting - Viki
Heart - CamiG73
Inspiration (the instrument) - melcoldplay
iPhone 4 - taameen**sparks**
Jukebox - Afeather
La Piña shirt - fauo_1995
Lacoste shirts - LilyC
Laugh - Tash
Leica camera - BerrymanGirl1
Lips - AusKT
Live 2003 football - yeahhright
Live 2003 polizei hat - melcoldplay
Love for antiques/collecting - AusKT
Moods of Norway boxers - AusKT
Mylo Xyloto outfits - SarahSchimidt
Non-existent ass - Carlaatje
Opinion on the thinness of pizza crust -
Photo project - Afeather
Playing keyboard during Speed Of Sound - SarahSchimidt
Polaroid camera - Afeather
Ray-Ban - Texasluvsjonny
Red beanie - taameen**sparks**
Red shirt - yeahhright
Sexiness - BerrymanGirl1
Short hair - Violet
Skinny jeans - Carlaatje
Smart car - LilyC
Smile - BerrymanGirl1
Striped socks - Longlivelife42
Suggestive eyebrow movements - geekchic
Sunglasses - Yggdrasil
Tweets - Keddie
Vest - yeahhright
Viva La Vida tour jacket - Afeather
Viva La Vida tour jeans - Afeather


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

Appearance in Shaun of the Dead - TanialovesUK
Beard/stubble - RachieSound
Best story ever -
Dancing - Miss Mags
Eyebrows - RachieSound
Eyes - Texasluvsjonny
Fender Thinline Telecaster - Miss Mags
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - Violet
Green Viva La Vida tour jacket - Violet
Grey beanie - LilyC
Guitar pedal - TraceOddity
Hair - Violet
Hands - ellendianelopo
Handwriting - Viki
Hat - Violet
High Speed guitar - Afeather
Laugh - yeahhright
Love for football - BerrymanGirl1
Love for Sherlock Holmes - [email protected]
Mylo Xyloto Telecaster Thinline - lookhowtheyshine
Nickname Jonny Boy - arwen88
NYC apartment - Texasluvsjonny
Penis - Jonny and the cake
Playing 'Til Kingdom Come in Mexico - Afeather
Pornstash - Texasluvsjonny
Red Adidas cap - RachieSound
Red jacket - getithom
Running in the Live 2003 Tour Diary - laga
Santa beard - laga
Sexiness - Violet
Sheep phobia - RachieSound
Shyness - Technicolor Sparks
Similarities to Wilson - RachieSound
Singing in How You See The World - ellendianelopo
Singing the second verse of Don't Panic - TraceOddity
Singing voice - coldplayisawesome
Slide guitar solos - .:VivaLaVida:.
Smile - Texasluvsjonny
Smile during In My Place performances - SarahSchimidt
Trying to hold in the laughter and keep a straight face during joint interviews with Chris - Afeather
Tummy - Texasluvsjonny
White guitar - SarahSchimidt


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

2007 short film - Viki
Accordion - A Famous Old Painter
Appreciation of Arcade Fire - A Famous Old Painter
Autograph - mrman78
Backup singing -
Bald head -
Beard - Violet
Beefiness - NumbersGirl
Cereal bowl - Breakfast_of_CHAMPION
Death stare - marie/pims
Drums - AnnaElisabeth
Drumsticks - yeahhright
Elephant glasses and dotted ears - Viki
Feet - Technicolor Sparks
Giving Chris a hard time on the lyrics of newly written songs - Tryptophan
Hairy chest - The Champion
Hand tattoo - Tash
Handwriting - Viki
Huggable-ness - The Champion
In My place intro drum movements - SarahSchimidt
Last name -
Laugh - The Champion
Love for football - BerrymanGirl1
Love for traditional Irish folk music - Violet
Mylo Xyloto outfit - The Champion
Obvious disdain for stupid questions & sound bites - Afeather
Out of tune guitar - time_doesnt_matter
Panama hat - Afeather
Pea coat - Texasluvsjonny
Personality - The Champion
Pink t-shirt - Texasluvsjonny
Plex robot doll - Afeather
PS3 and football games - mrman78
Scarf collection - NumbersGirl
Seal of approval - an angel
Season ticket to Southampton Football club - Texasluvsjonny
Singing happy birthday to Chris (02/03/2010) - SarahSchimidt
Singing the last verse of Us Against The World - The Master
Smile - NumbersGirl
Sunglasses - BerrymanGirl1
Sweat towel - Breakfast_of_CHAMPION
The old king is dead, long live the king painting - Afeather
Viva La Vida outfit - The Champion


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

Accent - BerrymanGirl1
Cheeks - Texasluvsjonny
Rooster t-shirt - Longlivelife42
Smile - ilovechriss


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

2007 Christmas message - vivalafrida
A Rush Of Blood To The Head stamps - Tash
Anchorman’s Jammin’ photoblog Happy Birthday shoutout - Pink
Angst - Viki
Backwards guitar in Strawberry Swing - The Final Track
Balloons from Christmas Lights video - WeddingDom
Band rules - Viki
Butterfly confetti - Tash
Cake jokes - The Doctor
Car from The Scientist video - LilyC
Cessna Citation X from Paradise video - 86Timewarp
Chris and Jonny holding hands at the beginning of the Much Music interview - coldplayisawesome
Chris/Guy love - BerrymanGirl1
Christmas Lights artwork - squibby92
Christmas Lights chant - starsinheavenalign
Christmas Lights countdown clock - The Final Track
Christmas Lights Elvis impersonators - [email protected]
Christmas light from this video - 2GreenEyes
Christmas Lights stage - DukeNewcomb
Christmas Lights video outfits - Technicolor Sparks - Tash
Coldplayground magazines - scusi
Coldplay's calendar August photo - Rabbit
Coldplay's intimacy with fans - BerrymanGirl1
Coldplay members saying eh - an angel
Coldplay members saying y'all - Crests
Coldplay Tap Tap -
Collaboration with Rihanna - WeddingDom
David Tennant singing Fix You (Never Mind The Buzzcocks) - Crests
Dragon used on stage during Lost - MartinFan
Elephant costume heads - Viki
End Of Decade Clearout Sale - vivalafrida
End Of Decade Clearout Sale video - AusKT
Enoxification - [email protected]
Fish from Christmas Lights video - time_doesnt_matter
Fix You lamp - oONodokaOo
Football team - Texasluvsjonny
Fuzzy man - [email protected]
Ghost Stories artwork - WeddingDom
Ghost Stories confetti - Tash
Group hug before a show - Texasluvsjonny
Guy and Chris playing xylophone - Tash
Hammer from Violet Hill video - Yggdrasil
Harveytown - Tash
Helicopter from Life In Technicolor ii video - HandyAndy136
High School musical Lunchbox - Crests
Jimmy Kimmel lost and found sketch - [email protected]
Jonny/Guy love - BerrymanGirl1
Life In Technicolor ii puppets - Viki
Live 2003 kitten - JillyBlue
Live 2003 tour diary Buckin kiss - Keddie
Lost punctuation marks - Boreas
Lovers In Japan parasol - Christa42
LP6 era - Tash
LP6 font (Golden Type Std Black) - Tash
Lyrics hunt - Tash
Magic artwork - WeddingDom
Magnifying glass from Violet Hill video - Keddie
Man love between Jonny and Chris - Texasluvsjonny
Mexican cell phone wave - MartinFan
Monkey Chews (bar from The Southbank Show) - Empily
Mylo Xyloto confetti - Tash
Mylo Xyloto era - Tash
Mylo Xyloto era fireworks - SarahSchimidt
Mylo Xyloto graffiti - [email protected]
Mylo Xyloto graffiti wall - Alien Radio
Nicknames (Fury - Jonny/Fatso - Chris/Tinker - Guy/The Bobbins - Will) - Tash
Olé olé Coldplay Coldplay chant - laga
Oracle answers - BerrymanGirl1
Origami stars - Tash
Paint used in the Every Teardrop In A Waterfall video - SarahSchimidt
Parachutes globe - a-chan
Parachutes launch - Zeya
Phil/Guy love - BerrymanGirl1
Phone number on the Ode To Deodorant tape - Carlaatje
Piano from Christmas Lights video - MichMoch
Post concert bow - BerrymanGirl1
Postcards From Far Away project - carkids
Pyramid stage projection (Glastonbury 2011) - cleeson7
Ramp of love - Texasluvsjonny
Reactable - Tash
Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay (signed by all Coldplay members) - Craigie-J
Roadie #42 camera - busybeeburns
Robot from Talk video - Keddie
Royalties - Mimixxx
Square One countdown at Brit Awards 2006 - WeddingDom
Strawberry Swing dog - JillyBlue
The Bakery - busybeeburns
The Beehive - Texasluvsjonny
The Erasmus - busybeeburns
Twisting Guy’s head in the Trouble UK video - Texasluvsjonny
Us Against The World symbol - Mrk
Violet Hill artwork - Technicolor Liver
Viva jet - kspillers2
Viva La Vida bell - Ro-Anshi
Viva La Vida chant - yeahhright
Viva La Vida Pudsey - Tash
Viva La Vida tour sparkles - SarahSchimidt
Viva logo - 86Timewarp
Viva logo inside The Bakery - OneTwoThree
Water bottle from Clocks video - ReecyBoy42
Whatever It Takes wine - LiquidSky
Wigs used in The Nappies video - Pai
Will/Guy love - BerrymanGirl1
Yellow balloons - Tash
X-Factor feature (Viva La Vida tour) - Jonesey16909
Xylobands - doritji

Photos: - RachieSound - RachieSound - coldplayisawesome


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

I would have just stayed home and masturbated, and that would have been a waste of another day - MartinFan
I'm sorry Will! - The Champion
What makes Jonny such a great bandmate? Bedmate? - coldplayisawesome
Gwyneth is making drumsticks - Pink
There's no excuse to be sat down in this song please. You know, if you stand up, we'll buy you all ice cream - Afeather
Johnny Cash picked out all of our outfits, except for our shoes. Those came from Usher - Afeather
There would be no Coldplay without Jonny Buckland - RachieSound
I understand women, of course. I am a seducer - ceader'schild
Lemon entry -
We stole Fix You from Elbow - The Final Track
So far - Raphaele
Anyway - LilyC
Preparados, listos, YO - laga
I'm not a rockstar, I don't wear the right pants for that - Moses_42
See you later! - wisna
Goodbye and goodnight - Dany93
I’m coming for you, sir - SarahSchimidt
I think that cool is doing your own thing - Tash
I don't mind not being cool - [email protected]
In one sense you think, well, it doesn't really matter about our silly little album. On the other hand you think, I've been given this opportunity I'm gonna make the absolute most of it and not mess around and not, you know, piss it all away, you know? - taameen**sparks**
Como estas deresha? - melcoldplay
This is Jonny Buckland. He's our guitarist. He's my best friend and he wrote this song - [email protected]
When you're not as attractive as Beyonce you gotta do what you can - Viki
I'd love to dance a bit better - Tash
A negative capability is the ability within yourself to accept that things go up and down and you can't always control it and they can't always be up but they won't always be down - Tash
Here comes Guy, our favourite member - Tash
Oftentimes - UdaPruda
Everyone thinks that drummers are ..... the way to show you (complete quote) - Fraetes
I think we probably have ..... And thanks a lot, bye (complete quote) - Fraetes

Chris fell off the toilet - Viki
Romantic or politician? Eh romantic, I get kind of get lost in politics - BerrymanGirl1
We like strange - melcoldplay
Don't make me say shit - melcoldplay
You know - CamiG73
It means everything and it means nothing to everybody and nobody - Tash

I'd like to buy a saxophone, does it play bebop? Yes! - Texasluvsjonny
I like hoes - Crests
I'm a whore - SarahSchimidt

Phil, who is our fifth member, he doesn’t play an instrument but he plays the mobile phone and the laptop computer - Tash
I think I'm the best non-playing drummer in the world. No one not-plays like me - Violet

Do not release the balloons! - Raphaele
Heartfelt love and thanks to everyone who works with, looks after, helps and listens to us (Mylo Xyloto booklet) - Tash
It's a jazz cigarette, John - Texasluvsjonny
Steve Lamaq: when Jonny is smiling, everything is okay in the world - SarahSchimidt
Zane Lowe: Ain't no party like a Buckland party - Technicolor Sparks


clueing for looks
Sep 13, 2009

60 minutes interview - Zeya
Chris and Jonny RTL Boulevard interview - ilovechriss
Coldplay on Il più grande spettacolo dopo il weekend - Mrk
Glastonbury 2011 interview - The Doctor
Rolling Stone interview (June 2008) - Viki
The South Bank Show - Tash
Viva La Vida promo interview - Tash
Zane Lowe interview with Chris - Tash