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LP8 Thread - Everyday Life


[GUESS] When will the next LP be released?  

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  1. 1. [GUESS] When will the next LP be released?

    • Earlier...
    • 1st half of 2020
    • 2nd half of 2020
    • 1st half of 2021
    • 2nd half of 2021
    • Later...

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The esq. title is indeed super interesting, especially the fact that it is placed under Will Champion. That added to how he's the only one with his last name, it has got to mean something. Or Chris was just feeling extra scared of Will haha


Could be that Will was writing/typing that letter.

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I entered the forum to discuss the titles...


Everyday Life




I wish they would go back to something more complex like ARROBTH or VLVODAAHF

But Everyday Life, Sunset and Sunrise sounds much like Chris...

Exactly what I wanted to say XD These titles are like the first things that might come to mind :P Cmon Chris! Lol. Hopefully the album is great! I slept through all of this excitement btw :( smh

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1st disc in November thought to be oldplay.

2nd disc next year thought to be newplay.

I somehow doubt that the 1st disc will be Oldplay tbh. Still think we're getting a new sound from them, somewhere between classical/Middle Eastern/jazz/Viva on disc 1 and a blend of more modern influences (but still a new sound) on disc 2.

To me it reads as if both might come out on a Nov 22, btw. Note that the year is not specified in the letter. However, due to the leap year it would be a Sunday next time round. I wonder if that is possible.

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I think it will be this year because they mentioned the 100 years in the letter and the date on the posters is 100 years from the nov 22 release date in the letter

Yeah, that is something that crossed my mind as well. Next year won't be 100 years but 101 years.


On that note, IF there is a release next year though...do you think the second poster will see the band in a 1969/1970 setting ? Like, 50 yrs of sunrise and 50 yrs of sunset in that century...


Btw I feel this album is gonna be so political. "How we feel about things"

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Wow long time since I logged in here :) I just have to say I’m so excited . I definately think those letters are real it has Chris Martin written all over it even the way it’s read . However this is way to slow of paced for my liking lol I need a clip of a song now . I also agree that this is gonna be a very political / world event “ love and peace” album but personally that’s one of my favourite things about Coldplay . Really interested to hear the sound of all of this.

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I think the wording in the letter suggests it's all going to be released at the same time.

Makes more sense for them to release now and start tour next year, rather than do a staggered 2-part release.


Far more exciting considering most artists are releasing less music (EPs) so if they do drop a double LP, then I'll be pleased!

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Wow!! Just woke up to the news, had to read like 8 pages to catch up!!!!!! Still, I think both “sunrise” and “sunset” will be released at the same time, on Nov. 22; and it has to be THIS year, for the 100 years they’ve been “hibernating” hehehe

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Holy crap, I wake up to find the album title is revealed... Everyday Life. I actually quite like that. Fits with the trend of a long album title, then a short one, then a long one, and so on. And we're literally getting a double album?!? This is something I've been hoping for but never expected to happen.


Can't wait!

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Every news outlet that has reported this somehow still mentioned they think the person in the poster is Nietzsche even though we have some users here (that I actually trust more) saying it isn't. I dont think these news outlets know any more than us.

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