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    i showed you that horrible video on fb. definitely got it on coldplaying.com. it was abysmal. anyway if youre ever bored, buy me a pair of havianas for my birthday? haaha
    Hey Katie :kiss:
    i havent been on coldplaying for a while, so i had no time to reply to your last message. :( im sorry :shame:
    im glad you like my new profile pic :p Chris seems to be also a good footballer :awesome:
    i miss Chris and Coldplay. we have few news about them :disappointed:
    in this week im having a lot of tests at school,how boring. :rolleyes: it is ending on 12th June, but i think i'll take holidays on 31th may :D what about you? :nice:
    woooo! i forgot to check this! lol for spring break i went to see this band called 100 monkeys! in it is a guy from twlight lol they were awesome! also with tehm were arden and the kissing club :) arden i loved and the kissing club guy was totally drunk! lol it was fun tho! we were front row! :)

    ahhh yes i love snow crystals so much! lol i want their cd so bad! :p

    don quixote? lol i know that name! who is it again? lol
    hahahaha oh yeah tht was soooo funny!! a man who is tired of london........lol!!!!!! he got it all mixed up. he's soooo cute!! :)
    omg i love his beanies!!! they're sooo cute on him!! i've been hunting for a similar one, but i haven't found one..........yet :D
    im pretty good! yeah im on spring break now too! :)

    ahh yeah please do! i wanna have a listen! lol :)

    oh yeah that is true! its okay if they dont win any awards, we know they are brilliant! ;)
    My Easter break starts today!!!! :D but on the 7th march i'll be back at school :( f**k. :( :p
    ooh cool Las Vegas!! have fun then :nice:
    and omg it's true! :stunned: its april, school is almost finished! :awesome: and here too days are becoming longer.. i love spring :heart:
    haha its okay! sorry i havent been on! ive been grounded :( and those songs are great :)

    haha yeah i keep looking for their cd but idk where to get it at...you know where? :)

    yeah i was sad that they didnt win anything either :( did they win any brits? i dont think so..or did they? idk lol
    ahh i still need to watch that episode..since they were only in it for 20 seconds i missed them :( but ill find it and watch it and see it :) lol

    how have you been anyways? its been a while lol
    yep hopefully!! i think the vlv tour outfits were the best cuz they were the most creative :) it's soo cool that they were handmade by them!!
    awww i know.......hahahaha yep they must!!!!! i can't wait for their nxt tour though!!! :) i wonder what they're gonna wear......
    Heey! long time we dont talk! :surprised:
    sooo, Easter break is coming! :dance:
    it doesnt matter if you celebrate it or not, just enjoy this little holiday! :D
    i'm going to celebrate it, i think i'm going to the church like your mom :nice:
    usually here in italy kids eat chocolate eggs. even if i'm not a kid, i buy one egg :uhoh: they're delicious :D
    i dont know what's the time in Cali :cool::D, but i wish you to have a good day ;)
    i'm just going to sleep, it's late :p
    byeeeeeee :kiss:
    wow!!! thts a lot of tournaments! gd luck!! nm just school stuff. oh!! have you heard coldplay's new song???? :) amazing........
    oh yh i heard about that! i wonder if they felt it?? there are just too many earthquakes now a days ! :/ i hope the people of chile r okayy.........so watcha up to???
    oh sry i got to you late......happy belated valentine's day!!!! :p oh that's be soo cool if it snowed here.....hehehehe i just realized that chris' b-day is coming up on march 2!! :)
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